QuickSpec: Catching Up Edition

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  1. arf arf  

    That opinion piece on animals is interesting, but isn't it true that dogs are one of the few (if not the only) animals that can effectively "read" the human face? I.e., if you look mad, your dog knows you're mad. It may not then choose to look guilty because it feels guilty, but it'll look guilty because it knows that's the best way to get you to stop yelling at it.

    Also I am a dog how do you explain THAT, science - VICTORY TO INTELLIGENT DESIGN

    • Dogs  

      I think apes can also read human emotion well (but cats cannot: note - this does not make them "smarter" for not caring).

      The fact that a human/dog relationship is complex and does involve basic communication and behavior representations of an earlier form of some sort of friendship is enough for some people to like dogs, just as some other people like babies, who are much dumber than dogs as well as physically unable to do nearly anything.

  2. Science  

    There's a lot more scientific explorations of the degree to which animals have conciousness, and their conclusions are not at all as clear cut as Ms. Shure suggests.

  3. anon

    I can't believe you posted a girl's death in the same entry as a FUCKING DOG ON A SCOOTER.

    what the hell is wrong with you?

  4. anon

    kind of tasteless, kind of HILARIOUS.

  5. mais non

    oh good. that makes it so much less disgusting your total lack of class.

  6. so what  

    a separate entry would make it better?

    A girl is dead. There's nothing more to say.

  7. Apparently

    A lot of GS guys are gay--night school is a much safer place for them to meet other guys than meth-clogged chelsea

  8. Hmmm  

    Jesus, #9, tone down the nihilism and fatalism oh so in vogue at Columbia and show a bit of class and compassion. A girl is dead, yes, but that shouldn't be said in the same breath that one talks about goddamn dogs reading their owner's face. As much as you may have deconstructed culture (my god, it's a social construct!?) and grieving practices in your CC class this year, remember that those social mores still exist and should be honored...even by the overeducated.

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