A House is Not a Home Until It Has Wireless

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This is in Wien, Austria. Wien, Columbia does not look like this.

If you’re still cursing the housing gods for your 90-square foot single in Wien, cheer up! Though you’ll probably be stuck there all year, at least Housing’s tried to make it a little nicer for ya. Check out our list of all the new renovations, and let us know what other new changes you’ve seen or would like to see in your dorms in the comments. Maybe someone will listen!


  • Renovated floors 3, 4, 5 including new paint, new flooring, and new lounge furniture.
  • Renovated laundry room and painted basement level.
  • Renovated 14th floor lounges including new carpet, paint and new furniture.
  • Installed electronic locks on all room doors.


  • Various small projects including painting and floor refinishing based on the priorities of the groups in residence.
  • Added electronic Lenel readers for access to the remaining seven Brownstones.


  • Renovated the 14th floor including replacing the flooring, new kitchen appliances, and all new furniture.
  • Painted laundry room.
  • Added floor bulletin boards in the high rise.
  • Added bicycle racks on the plaza level.


  • Renovated existing apartment on the first floor to create a new six person suite.


  • Installed new Lobby/Lounge windows on the first floor campus side; Amsterdam side to be completed this fall.


  • Renovated floors 2, 3 and 7 including new kitchen cabinets and appliances, new separated shower and toilet room, new paint, flooring and furniture throughout
  • Renovated laundry room on 7th floor

John Jay

  • New beds were placed in all rooms on floors 5 through 13.


  • Revised floor plan to add 23 beds in the building; new rooms have new flooring and paint.
  • Installed flat screen TV’s in the floor lounges.


  • On floors 3 and 4, refinished the hardwood floors, added new bathroom shower enclosures and new vanities


  • Bathroom renovations on floors 2 – 8; on floors 3 through 8, bathroom renovations created a separate male and female bathroom; on the 2nd floor the layout was changed to create two unisex bathrooms.
  • New corridor lighting on all floors except 9 which lighting replaced last summer
  • New carpet on floors 2 – 8


  • Added Wireless service to 8 additional buildings (600 W 113th Street, Hogan, McBain, River, Ruggles, Watt, Wien, Woodbridge)
  • CUIT also improved the existing wireless service in Broadway

Local Law 11 Repairs

  • Repairs to building exteriors in East Campus, Schapiro, and Woodbridge

Coming Soon

  • Video displays in four residence halls: Broadway, Hartley, Ruggles, and Wien

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  1. Just Wondering  

    Do any dorms have lounges (preferably sky lounge type lounges?) with south-facing windows? Alternatively, is there anywhere on campus that gives a clear view of downtown and doesn't involve being on a roof?

  2. Anonymous  

    to be fair, Laundryview does not work for Broadway... thanks.

  3. oh bwog  

    you are anti-wien and it is so senseless. it's a lovely place to live!

  4. Dear Bwog,  

    I'm mucho bored. Help?

  5. LOL  

    The conversion of singles to doubles in McBain is a renovation? Bahahahaha!

  6. yo  

    Hey Bwog, what has been spewing from the roof of SIPA all day? I keep thinking it's raining every time I leave EC.

  7. definitely anti-wien

    I lived there as a junior. I had hoped I was beyond bad housing by that point, but no. There were paint splatters of the ugly yellowish paint on the floor, and patches of paint had been torn off the wall. The floor was weird green speckled tile. I had a great view of faculty house as it was under construction. There was a burning hot water pipe in the corner of my room. The medicine cabinet above my sink was rusting. My closet looked like it came out of a horror movie. So did the bathroom on my floor. To top it all off, there was one kitchen in the entire building, I had to go up or down a flight of stairs to even use a microwave, and the room that housed the microwave had asbestos.

    Seriously, you think I'm anti-wien for nothing?

  8. Escapee

    This. The disparity in housing quality was one of the really frustrating things about dorm life. Wien really fucking sucked. If you were lucky and got an even numbered room on a high floor (great view), there was at least some redeeming value. Otherwise it sucked. Paper thin doors with vents and paper thin walls put a cramp on privacy, temperamental old school heating radiators, dark showers with barely functioning shower heads, tattered carpeting, slow elevator, laundry, one kitchen, and one TV, all in the basement. The building had its charms, but when you look out the bathroom at PrezBo's house and it's $20 million renovation, you had to at least think about the possibility of firing out the window and aiming for his lawn...

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