Rally Before the March to Union Square

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The poster for today's student strike

To celebrate of today’s student strike in support of Occupy Wall Street and the two month anniversary of the movement, students will be gathering on college walk at 11:30 am to rally and merry-make before the 2 pm march to Union Square for the city-wide student rally. The Facebook event page promises food, music, radical literature, thought and practice. Those attending are encouraged to bring their own edibles and instruments to contribute.

Update 12:35 pm: A number of Columbia professors have signed a petition in support of the OWS student strike.

Some have left messages. Beneath her signature, Christina Mercer writes, “We at Columbia need to show our solidarity with the Occupiers and their message of change as much as we can. Go Columbia!” Others are less enthusiastic about students missing class. Richard Pious writes, “Dialogue and university reform yes. Strikes and missing classes, no. Occupy Wall St. and DC., Hell yes.”

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    I. Love. Christia. Mercer.

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