Midterms… They Fucking Suck!

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An unscientific poll of Bwoggers concludes that tonight/tomorrow is filled with an unholy combination of midterms, problem sets, and paper due dates. Times of turmoil call for instant gratification and endless distraction; so here are a bunch of links to the garbage we’re procrastinating to.

SWP is passing out brown wellness in Butler.

[Also, there is real news below, so go read that.]

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  1. anon  

    wow bwog, so vulgar. that's the commenters' job, not your article's.

  2. clicked "porn"  

    not sure what i was expecting but oh well

  3. Van Owen  

    Adderall + Midterms = Dropping A's like fetuses at abortion clinics!!!

  4. cc'14  

    weird. I'm vulgar as shit and even I have to agree with anon. leave the crassness to the trolls, bwog.

    • anon  

      EXACTLY. for fuck's sake Bwog is supposed to write snarky articles. we're supposed to slather shit all over them. as relaxed as Bwog is, no one comes to the articles for unsophisticated swearing. it's the comments. get with it, dammit.

  5. Anonymous  


  6. The Dark Hand  

    hey, as a fellow member of the columbia community i agree that midterms suck, but we can all agree that spec sucks more.

    • anon

      I don't know, Bwog is getting dangerously close to spec-levels of suckiness.

      • Anonymous  

        Wow aren't you guys cool. This whole attitude where you feign indifference and critique mindlessly without actually contributing anything worthwhile is evidence of your own inferiority complexes. Instead of helping out and bettering tthe publications as well as the community as a whole, you decide to leave petty comments demeaning the hard work of your classmates whilst you cackle behind your computer monitor. Well, i've had it. This will be the last you see of me in the Bwog comments section.

  7. inspired artist  

    Brown Wellness is the name of my new band

  8. yo girls  

    i keep hooking up with girls who want nothing more than just that. i feel used because every time i express an interest in the person that i literally just fucked I am blown out of the water (figuratively," rel="nofollow">not shower sex). Since when has it become easier to procreate than to get a date?

    I don't think it's that I am lousy sex either because I last respectably long and ensure that the girls get theirs. But I'm growing weary of the dreary reality of three-day girlfriends.

    How do I find a girl interested in a relationship or at least one interested in steady sex? Advice ?

    • MD

      You need to learn the DENNIS system. So fucking beta, this one here.

      • Van Owen

        Man the fuck up, son...Man the fuck up. Are you curiously gay? But seriously, maybe if you didn't sound like such a big ole vagina you'd have better luck with the bitches. If you can't be with a ten, just fuck five twos...word.

    • Barnard student  

      Oh yes I see, all girls just want 'nothing more' than to be fucked and dumped, like disposable goods and three day girlfriends are such a 'dreary reality'. Who are you? Do you know how much of a misogynistic dick you sound like - hooking up with girls who were clearly just 'asking for it'? God.

      • God  

        No it's true I DENNIS systemed the shit out of Leah and Rachel LOL

      • because men are always the aggressors  

        I don't mean to suggest that you have the mental acuity / reading comprehension of a drooling toddler, but put down your happy meal for one second and hear me out - my post literally details the OPPOSITE scenario that you describe in your harangue. You are sexist to assume that only women can be victims. Especially in light of the fact that I am the one who was continually used in the scenario I delineate: my advances to pursue a more meaningful relationship were left unreciprocated since the women wanted nothing more than a one night stand. As a side note, sexual harassment isn't one sided, so don't be a misandrist vagina.

      • BC '15  

        The dude was just being honest. He said nothing misogynistic. By declaring yourself as a Barnard student and ranting about men, you make us all look like shit. If someone says something actually sexist, then you can be rude and "stand up" for our sex.

    • Alex  (Bwog Staff)  


    • CC gal  

      If you'd like some actual advice, then I'd like to actually give you some: if you want a meaningful relationship, you're going to have to change your tactics. You're less likely to build a relationship with a girl who's just looking for a hook up because (decrying of hook up culture's detrimental effects on women be damned) she probably wants something low to no commitment. In a weird way, you wanting to pursue something more meaningful with her is coming on too strong for the relationship you established - maybe you don't actually have an emotional connection yet. I'm not saying a hook up could never lead to a relationship, but usually, if you want to go big, you gotta start small. If you take an interest in a girl, ask if she wants to grab coffee, and get to know her. Don't wait until after you fuck her to realize you want to date her. Also (and this is just in response to the tone of your comments, which may or may not reflect your manner in person), try to be a little more emotionally sensitive.

    • Dark Fingernail  

      see: Funding for Abortion Approved on Campus article

  9. Please Add This To The List  

    It made me laugh. Nothing makes me laugh.

  10. Cloaked Master Baiter  

    As the Fischer King, I came across this site expecting to find a link to fishing gear when I saw the cutest thug muffin that had been transformed into a cat, which made me fap, fap, fap and AWAY!! This fury little kitty cat with all tis furry fur and long tonge makes me.....(few faps later)...CrAzy with excitement for hello kitty. Now, back to my hello pony binge that is currently fucking with my mind like Mr. Hands on a horse ranch.

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