Bwoglines: $99 and Up Edition

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“That’s definitely more real than Trump’s.”

After tweeting a lot of suspense, Donald Trump revealed his momentous announcement: he offers to give US$5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if the President releases his college application and transcripts and passport details. This guy just doesn’t stop, does he? (US News)

Columbia Giving Day came to a close, raising over $6,000,000 dollars from alumni and students of all schools. The “winning” school was Columbia College, followed by Athletics and Columbia Engineering, but this is a victory for all of us. Yay! (

India is planning the construction of a new, supposedly safer, thorium-powered nuclear plant. All your dreams of three-eyed fish may be a little further from happening. (The Guardian)

Just two days after the original was released, China’s Goophone has already announced a $99 iPad mini clone that runs Android. They’re copying them faster than they’re making them, folks. (The Register)

PSY taught Ban Ki-Moon how to Gangnam Style, kinda. That is all. (CNN)

(Maybe) one of our cool alumni via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    I think the final tally was over 7 million dollars.

  2. Van Owen  

    @ Pic: Bow down before your GOD!!!!

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