Bwoglines: Music and Technology Edition

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“Why did you pick Lion?”
“i didnt choose it, it was givn to me”

Snoop Lion earned more comment karma than Obama in his amazing reddit AMA yesterday. His only advice for young college student was “make sure u graduate”. Remember that.(Reddit)

Scientists are having fun making cute videos about DNA that spells DNA after “accidentally” discovering a hydrogel that will automatically return to the shape of the vessel it was created in when it touches water. How do these things happen? (Co.EXIST)

Take five to remember Dave Brubeck, the famous jazz pianist and composer who died yesterday at age 91. (NYT)

Japanese designers have created a robot in disguise. This 1/12th size car is more than meets the eyes. (IGN)

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  1. Snoop Lion  

    was high as balls during that AMA, and it was fuckin hilarious.

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