Too Cold to Function

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If we were to guess the temperature outside, we would estimate that the thermometer reads “too fucking cold.” Although the sun has been peeking through the clouds just enough to drive us insane (goddamn tease), we’re still a long way away from being able to go outside without a million and one layers. It’s getting ridiculous. In fact, it’s gotten so cold lately that…

– Frostbite is a valid excuse for being late to class

– Prezbo is wearing 3 toupees

– McBain shafters are finally happy to have no air circulation

– You’re starting to consider mugging other students for hats and scarves

– They brought the Balrog up from the depths of Low to warm the dome

– All of the Carman residents are packed into the laundry room

– The walk to Pupin has become a trek across the North Pole, with polar bears and arctic foxes eating in the Community Garden

– Wearing a balaclava is a socially acceptable idea

– If you live in John Jay, you’re still trying to figure out how to turn on the air conditioning

– The Abominable Snowman relocated to the Butler stacks

– The Westside fruit has moved on to warmer climates

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  1. my radiator broke

    if i can't feel my fingers, do i still have to write my paper? struggles

  2. overheard...  

    ...someone saying "I wish ski masks were just more socially acceptable!"

    oh, and also bwog, it's 'peeking,' not 'peaking' :) kthxbi

  3. mcbain shafter  

    fuck that my room is still too hot...#theshaftishawt

  4. the balrog  

    actually lives at the basement of the business school, burning the innocent in the fires of capitalism

  5. Anonymous  

    Someone shat in Butler 209. Not kidding. There is shit there. My friend sat down and put her foot in it. What the fuck, guys?

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