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Seattle, home of dreams

As Facebook won’t stop telling us, everyone and their mother apparently went on a rollicking trip to a beach–everyone, that is, except for those good souls who traveled for some purpose other than Ultra or visiting the fam.  If you took some sort of alternate spring break trip, tell us about it at  Here we have Benjamin Goldwater, GS/JTS’14.

Where did you go?

Benjamin: I headed to the Pacific Northwest, Seattle and Vancouver to be specific, on my a cappella group’s annual spring break tour.

Who did you go with and for how long?

BG: Pizmon, the coed Jewish a cappella group of Columbia/Barnard/JTS. Our Musical Outreach Initiative (MOI for short), is 10 days long.

Who did you sing for?  What did you sing?

BG: We sang for all kinds of Jewish audiences along denominational, generational, and socioeconomic spectrums. We sing everything from classical liturgical pieces to contemporary Israeli hits, and sometimes we even throw a little Taylor Swift into our repertoire. She bumps.

What was your favorite part of the trip?

BG: We took a few hours one morning to explore downtown Seattle and ended up doing an impromptu concert on the street. We scored a couple bucks! Also, I caught a fish with my own two hands at Pike Place Market (it was dead).

Any traveling disasters?

BG: Let’s just say the new laws in Washington state aren’t as straight forward as we thought.

More or less fun than a “traditional” spring break?

BG: Way more fun! It’s always gratifying to fulfill our mission as a group. I’ll turn in my speedo for a pitch pipe any day.

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  1. He's referring to the fact that  

    Weed is legal in Seattle.


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    Did you go to Seattle Grace?

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