Did You Transfer Internally? Tell Us About It.

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communicate this way if preferableDear all: The Blue and White is doing a piece for the last issue of the semester about the revamped internal transfer system (the old system looked kind of like this–scroll down to “Internal Affairs”) and its impact on the way admissions views and admits inter-school transfer students. We’re looking for anyone and everyone willing to talk about their experience transferring/applying to transfer between CC and SEAS, either using the old system via the Common App or this year using the new internal application.

If you’d be interested in talking to B&W staff writer Alexander Pines about your experiences (and you’ve always wanted to see your name in beautiful blue print), send him an email (his UNI is acp2171) or contact the editors ( If you don’t want to be quoted, that’s cool too. Background/off the record info is always welcome. Let us know ASAP!

Cheers, etc.

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    GS transfers too... gawdddd

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    You can get the privilege of being the creepy old guy mackin' on Columbia hunnies by interrupting everything, always being the middle of of the discussion, loudly proclaiming you're right because of your opinion as a person with "life experience."

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