Gates at 117th Now Open Until 10 on Weekdays

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Pictured: Bwog's nightly prayer to Facilities

Pictured: Bwog’s nightly prayer to Facilities

Facilities can be a cruel God, but today they have deigned to answer our prayers. Bwog is ecstatic to report that the Earl Hall Gate (117th Street and Broadway) and the Chapel Gate (117th Street and Amsterdam Avenue) will remain open until 10:00 p.m. on weekdays.

No longer will students who live above 116th have to walk all the way to the main gates after 6:00 to get on campus! No longer will you be embarrassed when you sprint to Earl Hall Gate, only to be met with its unforgiving lockedness! You can skeedaddle straight to Barnard after your classes for four extra hours! Hallelujah! Praise be to Facilities!

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  1. Holy Fuck

    It's a fucking miracle Charlie Brown! Only took 3+ years of complaints! (as well as the countless who complained in vain before my time here)

    • Anonymous

      It's cuz the university is too bust trying to get people to sign a sheet of paper before taking tests.

      • Anonymous  

        the thing is, i feel that the honor code only works for people who wouldnt normally cheat...not serial cheaters who dont care anyways. So if we want to get one to say we have one or whatever, all means...but i honestly don't think it will solve the cheating problem unfortunately

  2. Ungrateful entitled kid  

    After classes are basically over for the semester...

  3. Living in Claremont next year  


  4. Blunts in Butler

    Now I can cut through SIPA to get from my Wien single to the back porch of Mudd! Rolling up a fat one tonight!

  5. Anonymous

    You can always go thru the bridge over Amsterdam or enter thru Noco

  6. Tired of looking around to see if anyone noticed that I walked two blocks to turn back because the gate is locked  


  7. gratitude  

    hey bwog, give credit where credit's due!

    Thank you CCSC and the WTFColumbia project for getting shit done.

  8. ..ah yes  

    ...the metaphorical Barnard's backdoor to Columbia is now open for longer. Guess our acceptance rate just increased.

  9. Anonymous

    Suddenly my dorm being on 121st next year doesn't seem like such a bad thing.

  10. angry  

    bwog, you lied to me :'''(

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