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Last night was the first CCSC meeting of the year, though it was mostly a housekeeping meeting.  Joseph Milholland surveyed the occasion.

The first CCSC meeting of the 2013-2014 school year kicked off with free Pinkberry for all the members of the council. So that’s one perk of being a politician. The council members talked about how they changed over the summer: one of them rode an ostrich.

Once the fun was over, the committees started talking. The Policy Committee is going to continue working on the Honor Code. The Campus Life Committee said they wanted to open meeting spaces for students who might not typically get to know each other.

Moving on, the council proposed making it easier to be part of the burgeoning Alumni Mentorship program, as well as study abroad and internships. Also suggested to help “stress reduction,” from the office of Deantini, was to give more congratulations for Dean’s List than a notification on SSOL.

One of the more important topics was how to get all the non-first years to agree to the Honor Code. The council members stressed they wanted to get the classes of 2014, 2015, and 2016 to voluntarily go to an event, either all together or one class at a time, where they would recite the Honor Code.  Good luck!

The apex of the meeting, however, was the dry erase marker fun on the brainstorming white board that stood in the back during the meeting. The board was divided up into three columns: policies, events, and internal.


  • An “official shopping period” where students could get the feel of classes without assignments.
  • A new drop deadline for Columbia College students.
  • Putting all syllabi online for students to judge how much money they’ll have to spend on a class before taking it.
  • Fixing the waitlist
  • Improving campus life for transgender students by allowing them to use their preferred name on documents
  • FAROS instead of NINJA for printing
  • A courseworks app


  • An “open mic in JJ’s”
  • Remaking the old look of JJ’s for a night
  • Tailgating at sports games
  • The return of “Bagelpalooza”
  • More events at Joe’s


  • Educating people about the workings of  campus to prevent frustration
  • General improvement in student wellness
  • Student groups coming to student council more often
  • Improving how the council uses WTFColumbia

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  1. Anonymous  

    That Honor Code event better have free food.

  2. ugh  

    "An “official shopping period” where students could get the feel of classes without assignments."

  3. Anonamoose  

    The waitlist has been live for literally less than a week and they expect it to be working perfectly already? Come on now.

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