Columbia Students Interviewed On CNBC

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Back to you, Dave!

On Thursday morning, Columbia College students Jordana Narin CC ’17 and Ankeet Ball CC ’16 took part in a “youth summit” (CNBC’s name, not Bwog’s) on The Kudlow Report.

Kudlow brought in the two Democrats, along with two Republican students from Boston U. and Harper College, to discuss the effect of Obamacare on the president’s popularity with the younger generation. Jordana and Ankeet, we salute you!

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  1. Wow

    It's great to see that students from Boston University and Harper College are significantly more impressive than those at our prestigious Columbia University...

  2. Anonymous  

    Good job Jordana!!

  3. anon  

    it should be noted that both students from CU were given less than four hours to prepare, and the show itself is billed as conservative and therefore an uphill battle anyway. good job jordana, ankeet!

  4. Alum

    As an alum, this is simply embarrassing.

  5. Anonymous  

    Jordana's pretty hot

  6. Anonymous

    Charlie Kirk looks like a major d'bag.

  7. Anonymous  

    I mean maybe democrats would be more respected if they ever actually answered a question.

  8. Alum

    Your concept of "great" must be on the same standard as the grade inflation from which you so thoroughly benefit. Congratulations on your grammar, though!

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