Global Charity Santa Dash RIGHT NOW!

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Great stride there, Santa

Great stride there, Santa

Mama Bwog knows you are all just dying for an excuse to leave Butler for an hour or two. Head over to the Global Charity Santa Dash today at 11am (we know, run!!) with your best Santa attire to either run the race or just take pity on the pour souls exercising while you sip some spiked Hot Cocoa. There is a minimum of $10 per donor to run the race. All proceeds of the event will go to Direct Relief National. Here’s a timeline for the day:

10:30am-11am: Check-in at Columbia University Sundial
11am: Santa Dash begins!
11:15am-12:30pm: Light refreshments at Columbus Circle

For more information on this awesome event, see their Facebook event page.

Skinny Santa via Shutterstock

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    okay, so if u want us to actually go to stuff, u have to tell us before it's already started, ya know

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