Nominate Your Favorite Broke Grad Student to Win Money

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Upon arriving at Columbia, one quickly realizes that all the brochures proclaiming “99% of courses are taught by professors” are actually bullshit. So we get taught by a lot of grad students. Fortunately, a lot of them are excellent teachers who have the added benefit of being young and good at connecting with students. Bwog loves our favorite TAs and grad student Core professors.

So make your best grad student professor’s year by nominating him/her for a Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching. Past and present teachers are eligible as long as they’re still enrolled in a Columbia graduate program. You have until March 7 to get your nominations in.

The best part? Winners will receive an $8000 prize: enough to make a bite-sized dent in that pile of student loans.

So get nominating!

The average Columbia grad student via Shutterstock

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