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She should go on Hoarders
She should go on Hoarders

She should go on Hoarders

As CC major declaration looms approaches, a number of departments are hosting open houses for students to meet and discuss their prospective major(s).  While you might have missed Drama & Theatre Arts on Monday (whoops), check out the schedule of all the other open houses.  Go to find out more about your major and harass current students, faculty, and advisers (and possibly get free food).

CC sophomores and first-years are welcome The meetings will be attended by frantic sophomores.  Now if the awkwardly-cropped and super fun “Open” sign on the CSA website didn’t excite you enough to come (like are they trying to be artsy something?), hopefully we just did. We also really hope they update the list soon, because so many majors are missing from the lineup. We’ll keep you updated.

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