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*Insert joke about huge bush here*

*Insert joke about huge bush here*

Have you ever been walking down the sidewalk and suddenly had your path inexplicably obstructed? Well, now you get to have that experience every day! Thanks to Friedman’s. Pro-sidewalk-walkers and Plimpton residents Lili Brown and Courtney Couillard decided to investigate further.

We wanted to give Friedman’s a chance. With “fresh” options and a bougie addition to the block, the new restaurant seemed to be up there with Flat Top. Things were promising. We wanted it to work.

Suddenly, everything changed. About a few weeks ago, Friedman’s decided to add some plants outside the restaurant. Instead of a few dainty flower boxes, the restaurant installed multiple large bins. Nay, tubs. As if these giant metal tubs weren’t enough, Friedman’s decided to create a safari aesthetic with tall plants (we have no clue what they are. They look like weeds to us). With this final addition of the weeds, Friedman’s became the bane of Amsterdam’s existence.

We think these plant tubs were added outside the restaurant to protect the outdoor seating from the lay people that pass on the sidewalk. God forbid they have to look at youthful Barnard women trek to campus while enjoying an overpriced salad. We understand privacy is important, but do we see plant tubs at Community or Le Monde? No.

We can get past the idea that we may be obnoxious to restaurant goers. However, it’s the space these tubs take up on the sidewalk that continues to drive us mad. Slapping our faces with their sharp ends, these plants protrude out into the sidewalk, leaving only about a foot of walking space left for pedestrians. Every morning as we walk to class or work, we are slapped in the face (literally) or unwarrantedly tickled by Friedman’s.

If you think we’re exaggerating over how annoying these plants are, take a stroll down Amsterdam and experience the pain yourself. You’ll try to pass slow people and find there is no space to do so. You might even fall into one of the plant bins. Regardless, it will be a hellish experience.

We can only hope that cold weather means these plant tubs may disappear soon, but until then we will carry on and bare our plant scratches with pride.

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  2. Anonymous

    I like the plants. It gives people a nice atmosphere to eat outside without dirty pedestrians walking by your food.

    It has all the classic elements of a Nicholas Cage restaurant.
    1) It has food
    2) People eat there
    3) There are plants

    Anyways I got to set myself on fire and ride a motorcycle!

  4. Anon  

    How about you just call 311 instead of writing a shitty article

  5. hmmm

    "We can get past the idea that we may be obnoxious to restaurant goers." Are you sure? Anyway, these large flowerpots will do a good job protecting this new restaurant from potential terrorists. Everyone knows that gluten free restaurants in mostly unheard of parts of Manhattan are a prime target these days.

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