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Where art thou?

Scanning my surroundings and the infinite expanse of the plain beyond me, I wonder — where is the date for Bacchanal? Where have you gone? What have you been up to? Where will you be? I peer through the fogs of ignorance and doubt and see it! — the Battle of the Bands event page, where a date is mentioned: April 8, 2017. While we await the release of the title of the show and perhaps a crewneck, Bacchanal will host Battle of the Bands tomorrow in the Lerner Party Space from 8 to 11 pm; the student bands competing to open this year’s Bacchanal will be Coldman, Sunspeaker, Gold Medal, Mezclas, THOU SHALT NOT/Party of 2, Party Tricks, and Deluxe.

If you wish to send complaints, compliments, adoring praise, or scathing lampoons, here is the 2016-17 Executive Board for Bacchanal:

Presidents: Tyler Allen; Jesse Van Marter
Concert Chairs: Nza-Ari Khepra; Simisola Olagundoye
Treasurer: Vivi Hyacinthe
Publicity Chair: Michal Ashkenazi
Secretary: Sophie Pugh Sellers
Outreach Chair: Krys Molina
Tech Chair: Renetta Walcott
Safety Chair: Kirsten Dodson
Campus Relations: Amaris Benavidez

Me looking for a remaining sense of dignity via Wikimedia Commons

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