Stupid Sh*t I Did At My Summer Job

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Bored teen at a laptop with his head in his hand
Bored teen at a laptop with his head in his hand

How we felt while copy-pasting Excel cells

Over the summer, many of us were out there putting in hours at some swanky internship or job that we thought would change our professional aspirations forever. But that wasn’t quite the reality. These positions were often boring, uninspiring, and tedious. Staff Writer Sarah Kinney compiled a list of just some of the ridiculous shit our bosses forced us to do this summer. 

Kids are good with technology, right?

  • Delete duplicate cells in spreadsheets.
  • Show my boss how to copy and paste.
  • Show my boss how to duplicate a document on Word.
  • Show my boss how to use Google translate.

Insincerity is the root of accomplishment

  • Write a piece about urban development in the Middle East only to be told that it wasn’t going to be published because it was too controversial.
  • Fill out really BS personality tests.
  • Take notes in meetings I didn’t understand.

This isn’t what I meant by “networking”

  • Create a definitive map of where everyone in the whole company sits on every floor.
  • Find people’s LinkedIn profiles​.
  • Call doctors to see if they accept medicare.

Menial physical labor

  • Highlight textbooks.
  • Walk fifteen minutes both ways to print things.
  • Print things on legal size paper.
  • Deliver cigars and salsa to members of Congress.
  • Fold papers.
  • Staple papers.
  • Put papers into folders.
  • Take papers out of folders.
  • Shred papers.

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  1. ac  

    that floor map will either be everyone's salvation ("thank g-d for that intern, what was their name?!") or no one will ever look at it again. not that i know this from personal experience or anything.

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