Self-Care Tips For Finals Time

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This is the image that came up when I googled “self care.” I aspire to be as carefree as this kid.

As finals season gains momentum, sometimes it can feel like there isn’t a single moment in the day to take for yourself. But we here at Bwog promise that taking a step back from your seat in Ref (and taking your goddamn stuff with you) and granting some time to yourself will actually help you feel better and, in the end, succeed. Here are some tips from us Bwoggers on how to self-care during finals time.

  • Anonymously tell your professor to go fuck themself via course evals.
  • Take a walk through the pretty lit trees.
  • Bring your SAD light to Butler.
  • Get some fresh air every day.
  • Have sex.
  • Masturbate.
  • Drink milkshakes.
  • Take a shot.
  • Put clean sheets on your bed.
  • Pet some dogs on campus.
  • Eat fruit. Maybe even a vegetable or two.
  • Use a face mask.
  • Sage your room/suite (just be careful about the smoke).
  • Remember that Newton failed out of college (is this true? Youngweon just told me to post this) and that Prince William and Charles were both straight C students at Eton and that’s probably why they went to St. Andrews instead of Oxford or Cambridge (again, Youngweon said this).
  • Start singing with your roommate at random hours of the night.
  • Have a celebratory drink after each final you complete.
  • Get those steps in: take some time to take a walk around campus, a park, etc.
  • Sleep more than two hours a night.
  • Watch one of your old favorite movies.
  • Get out of Butler by studying at Nuss, Hungarian, or any of your other fav coffee shops.
  • Take your shoes off whenever you feel stressed, regardless of if you’re home or not. (Unless your feet smell then please God keep your shoes on.)
  • Give yourself a facial in the Butler bathroom.
  • Unsave every Khalid song in your library.
  • Organize your photos from 2017.
  • Watch an episode of Gossip Girl.
  • Make really fancy looking hot cocoa for yourself/suitemates.
  • Steal fruit from John Jay and use it to make mulled wine.
  • Buy yourself at least one grocery item your parents used to buy for you when you were younger.
  • Listen only to happy songs (unless you need to cry, then listen to sad songs, but after you’re done crying put on happy songs).
  • Call your mom.
  • Do your nails.
  • Drop out.

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