Bwoglines: Popcorn Edition

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“The Hubris of Man” (Mixed Media, 2018.)

Happening in the world: According to a report from Human Rights Watch (HRW), the Chinese government is installing QR codes in the homes of the Uighur Muslim community in Xinjiang. This is part of a crackdown on minorities that involves the collecting of biometric data and arbitrary detention in “internment camps.”

Happening in the US: Category 4 hurricane Florence will reach the Carolinas and Virginia on late Thursday and into Friday. Hurricane and storm warnings have been issued, and there may be catastrophic inland and river flooding.

Happening in NYC: Eduardo Kobra’s massive, seven-story mural of a firefighter, entitled “The Braves of 9/11”, was unveiled yesterday in Midtown. Kobra wrote that the piece was meant to “pass on a message of life, of a restart, of reconstruction.”

Happening on Campus: Didn’t meet your best friend at NSOP? There’s still hope: University Life Events Council is hosting a “speed friending” event in Wein Lounge at 5pm tonight. Games and free Insomnia cookies!

Overseen: Abandoned popcorn with Juul pod outside JJ’s.

Image via Levi Cohen

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