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Kerr’s book!

Ever gotten period blood on your mattress and not known how to get it out? Or wondered how often you should wash your sheets? Barnard alum and professional Clean Person Jolie Kerr answered questions about college cleaning problems in the Milstein Center yesterday during a live taping of her podcast, and Sports Editor Abby Rubel was there to listen and learn.

Jolie Kerr, BC ’98, is the host of the Ask a Clean Person podcast, the New York Times cleaning columnist, and author of a book about how to clean. In short, she knows a lot about cleaning. But, she said, “I have suffered many moments of being a disgusting person.” Some of her grossest moments happened while she was at Barnard, and she kicked off the evening by regaling the audience with the tale of a disgustingly clogged tub in 600. She and her suitemates let the situation alone until the water was shin-level, at which point one of them (not Kerr) finally bought some Drano.

After that anecdote, Kerr answered questions live from the audience and some that had been submitted online in advance. The first, a question about keeping things civil with a messy roommate who doesn’t do dishes, she described as a “very typical college question.” Kerr suggested being neutral in tone when you raise the problem, even if you have to practice in front of a mirror. She pointed out that the roommate may not think of it as a big deal, or may not even know how to do dishes. To illustrate the former point, she told the audience about another experience in the Barnard dorms (616 this time), when one of her suitemates put dirty dishes on someone’s pillow because they hadn’t been washed in a certain amount of time.

The next question was how to stop stinky trash. Kerr said that Lysol works and that the trash can itself probably needs to be cleaned. She also recommended a product called Ozium as “The Thing” for general odor elimination, which she said she found on a marijuana enthusiasts forum.

Then an audience member asked how often she should change her sheets. Unsurprisingly, there is an answer for actual humans and a different answer for college students. For humans, Kerr recommended once a week or every other week and changing them between sexual partners. For college students, she said that once a month was fine, and to make sure you wash them after you’re sick. Other audience members asked about how often they should wash bath towels (humans: once every three to four uses, college students: once a week) and winter coats (once a year, wool should get dry cleaned but everything else is probably machine washable).

Eco-friendly cleaning, protein stains, and more after the jump!



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it’s as humid as the rainforest

Welcome to your October tropical vacation, courtesy of global warming! The leaves may be about to change, but it’s SWEATer weather for now.

I come to you from a campus drenched in sweat- and it’s not just from stressing over midterms.

Absolutely nothing seems to be fully dry, and with our lovely City-mandated heat now pumping, even the rare day of misty coolness has no impact, since every building has been transformed into some sort of hellish steam room. And on warm days, temperatures that would otherwise be pleasant or at least tolerable send everyone scurrying for shade and the nearest cool beverage, sweat drenching their summery clothes that look increasingly bizarre as mid-October draws onward. It feels like Satan himself has turned New York into a huge cauldron to steam us all like unfortunate, sweaty little dumplings.

Spare a thought, East Coast types who are more inured to this tortuously subtropical version of “fall,” for the West Coasters among us, who come from a land where the weather is more civilized.  While we’re all in pain, their suffering is almost incalculable- waking up with sheets drenched in sweat (and coming back at the end of the day to find them still damp), forced to wear moisture-wicking gym clothes wherever they go, shuddering at the sensation of pollution condensing out of the air onto their skin. To come from a land where the weather doesn’t try to violently smother you with a wet blanket and get hit with this (during midterms, no less) is a terrible fate.

At this point, please, bring on the blizzards- at least then there’s somewhere to hide. Let’s just hope this grossness breaks before mildew engulfs the entire city.

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Does UPS ship to wormholes? Do I have to pay extra?

One common trend is writing a letter to your future self to be opened at a later date, serving as a time capsule of thoughts and expressions. Social Media Editor Zack Abrams thinks that’s a garbage idea; instead, he wrote a letter to the one person he knows has his ish together; his tenth grade, straight-A self. 

Dear Tenth-Grade Self,

You’ve gotta tell me how to do it. Last week I had one day where I was busy from 10am to 6pm with only an hour for lunch. I had three whole classes, a volunteer mentorship meeting lasting two hours, and only an hour for lunch. By the end of the day I was drained, hungry, cranky, and I just wanted to lie in my bed and sleep for a week. That’s when I realized; seven hours of classes and work isn’t extraordinary. You do it every single day.

HOW? How do you go to high school every day without imploding? I was exhausted after one busy day; you do the same routine Monday through Friday, week after week, with no hope on the horizon. You don’t even know if you’ll get into college yet (good news on that front) or what you want to do with your life (sorry, still no help here). You’re an insecure mess, and yet somehow you’re thriving. Thriving!

I know you’re in my mind somewhere. I figured you’d be able to help me unlock my previous capabilities. Was there a pill I used to take that magically gave me time-management skills and that I’ve forgotten about? Or has the election of [REDACTED] really affected my day-to-day life to such a degree? Am I just getting old? It’s only been a few years, though that can be a long time. Just look at Obama. (Sigh. Obama. Treasure him while you can.)

I know you probably expect that a message from the future would come with Powerball numbers or a dire warning about the state of affairs, but I’m worried about messing with the timeline because that would mean an end to me. I just need your help, tenth-grade self. You’re my only hope. That, or buying a calendar. I’m gonna buy a calendar too, just to cover my bases.

My (our?) regards,

Your College Sophomore Self.

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where it all goes down

Requiring Barnard dorm residents to sign out their guests but not asking the same of other students of other colleges has been a source of great annoyance and awkwardness for many. For now, Bwoggers have found a way to deal with difficulties that have arisen by sharing and basking in our shared experiences.

  • Finally convinced the person I was seeing to talk after two months of her blowing me off. We had to meet in her suite, where she finally dumped me and I got to yell at her for being shitty and then we rode 8 floors back down to sign out making awkward small-talk.
  • Had a disagreement during a “define the relationship” talk with a partner and had to endure the painfully awkward elevator ride down to sign her out. The guard at the front desk couldn’t find her ID at first so we had to stand there awkwardly for even longer.
  • Signed in 2 of my male friends for some wholesome friendship time at 2 AM and felt high-key judged. We were just going upstairs to get snacks.
  • Didn’t feel like putting on real clothes when signing out someone out after they stayed the night so I went downstairs in pajamas and was greeted by a group of parents in the lobby. Oops.
  • One time I was trying to leave a building while I was absolutely sh*tfaced (shocker) and the guard just looks at me for (what felt like) fifteen seconds before just slowly whispering “man, you are *f*cked* *up*.”

If any Barnard guards are reading this: if you feel awkward, trust us, we do too.

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sports am I right

We all know the companies that sponsor athletic leagues: Gatorade, Adidas, Budweiser… Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor?

If you’re in Dodge often (pat yourself on the back) you know exactly what you see on the wall as soon as you walk in: a giant poster proclaiming Arts and Crafts Beer Parlor as the sponsor of Columbia University Athletics. Now, why would Arts and Crafts, renowned for its benches guaranteed to make your butt sore, jaded grad students, and expensive but classy craft beers, be the official sponsor of CU Athletics? I know The Heights (Dine above it all!) and Mel’s also number among Columbia’s sponsors, but it’s Arts and Crafts who paid for an oversized poster in its 2000s-style D&D font in the Dodge hallway with the most undergrad and underage foot traffic? Who works there and decided to blow their whole marketing budget on this?

I think the population of Dodge-going students has become blind to this nonsensical mismatch that is the Arts and Crafts sponsorship banner (it also advertises their Sunday trivia nights). If Arts and Crafts is the CU Athletics sponsors, why isn’t Modest Mouse performing at a Homecoming half-time show? The TV in JJ’s should be running a SuperBowl-style ad that features shots of post-doc students crying into their IPAs. Why is the football team comprised of Sig Chi brothers and not the TAs from your Intro to Anthropology class? Why isn’t A&C selling its underrated and little-known Bar Bites at football games, such as the arugula and cranberry salad, or a Brooklyn Hot Dog Company dog? I know why — because it makes absolutely no sense that Arts and Crafts is the sponsor of Columbia University Athletics. 1020 though? That’s a promising partnership.

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Too busy to stop by General Studies Student Council? No worries, resident Bwogger Andrew Chee skipped out on soup dumplings to bring you the rundown of the major topics discussed tonight.


An amendment to the bylaws was proposed to replace the impeachment process for appointed members of the council. As it currently stands, the impeachment process was a fairly public spectacle that generated a great deal of drama and hard feelings. Thus, the council successfully voted to revamp the process, implementing a six-week process consisting of the superior officer first meeting with the member, and then the full student council meeting with the member if the issues are not rectified. Finally, if no improvements are evident, the council can convene to privately impeach said member via unanimous vote.


Newly elected Alumni Affairs Rep Jessica Kim will be meeting the alumni relations team on Friday to throw some ideas about to engage alumni for Giving Day. Additionally, the Monthly Owl is still looking for submissions for upcoming events! If your organization has an upcoming event that you would like to promote, feel free to check the Weekly Raisa for the link to submit your event.

Campus Life

Many events finally have a date and time! The pep rally will be on October 19 at Butler lawn from 1 to 4 pm and will have free t-shirts, a marching band, and more. Next, the Shabbat dinner will take place later on the same day, October 19, in the GS lounge at 8:15 pm, and it will be open to all General Studies students. Lastly, the Lazy Halloween party at Mel’s has been scheduled for November 1 (time TBA) and it sounds like it’s gonna be a blast! GSSC is renting out Mel’s for the night, and there will be an unlimited hot food and milkshake bar, and a drink ticket. Entrance tickets for the event will $5, and subsidized tickets will be available as well. A motion for $6600 to be allocated toward Lazy Halloween (for the cost of renting the venue and providing the aforementioned goodies) was approved.

stouts are the best beer change my mind

Senior Class President

Senior Class President Stephen Ballew announced a senior class event: Oktoberfest! Oktoberfest will take place on the 27th in the plaza in front of East Campus from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. Additionally, GS seniors will be allowed to bring a +1 for this event and other events, in an effort to improve turnout at senior events. Stephen made a motion to allocate $230 toward senior class Oktoberfest steins from the senior class budget, which was approved. The steins will be given out to the first 100 students at Oktoberfest, so start lining up!

Keep reading to hear from the Senator and Committee Chairs!



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Happening in the World: The Xinjiang region in China has legalized internment camps for Muslim Uighurs. Detainees are forced to renounce their faith and pronounce their loyalty to President Xi Jinping.

Happening in the U.S.: On her way out of office, Nikki Haley claims international respect for the United States has grown, despite a Pew Research poll showing “10 percent or less of respondents in Germany, France, and Spain believe Trump is trying to do the right thing in world affairs” (US News).

Happening in NYC: In the wake of Toys R Us’s liquidation, FAO Schwartz announced it will be opening a flagship store at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City on November 16 in preparation for the holiday season. The company also said it plans to open permanent stores in Canada and China and pop-up shops in Spain, Australia, and London (CNBC).

Happening on Campus: HeForShe is hosting a discussion on women in STEM today from 10:00 am-11:30 am in Low Library.

Book of the Day: The Color Purple by Alice Walker

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