1. pirate

    and it's herman wouk's?

  2. me

    you mean, Richard the Lionheart.

  3. chris

    nobility & civility is easily one of the most professor-quotable classes here. b&w should send a reporter to cover it every week.

  4. more debary

    he also likes to tell stories about the columbia bicentennial (50 years ago) and how he "first read this book 60 years ago". btw, he says david horowitz was a good student in asian hum in the early 50s.

  5. even more debary

    Or that time he schooled the Pope about Ibn Kahldun. Apparently, His Holiness wasn't very well read in his Islamic great books so Prof de Bary sent a few his way.

  6. former CU Press intern

    He also still has about a book a year published, sometimes more.

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