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  1. Bwog

    should write for the Daily Show. Seeing sarcastic QuickSpec headlines is always fun.

  2. shira  

    good headlines today, bwog! thanks for brightening my time-between-classes.

  3. are we  

    going to get another full length olson critique?

  4. I don't think  

    there's an actual filter... bwog can just remove offensive comments.

  5. Karina Garcia

    just mentally smacked the shit out of Jim Gilchrist on Democracy Now. Until he hung up.


  6. i want  

    karina garcia to smack the shit out of me. not just is she smart, and she kicks racist ass, but she's absolutely gorgeous

  7. quiqui  

    I am incredibly impressed by Karina.

  8. karina  

    is hot, there's no denying that. But the second I see someone using catchphrases and repetitive rhetoric in an interview, i know for a fact that that person is an idiot. Sorry Karina, we coulda had something! (wild sex)

  9. my lord

    can we stop with the whole sexist thing? it's like 2006 and shit.

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