Very Late Breaking News: Xavier’s New Bling Bigger than Phelps’

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As if trying to singlehandedly bring prosperity to Africa, or at least co-ordinate his wardrobe of fuschia, canary yellow, and shiny neon green blazers wasn’t enough, Bwog has learned that Columbia’s own (and only) Catalan economist, Xavier Sala-i-Martin, has been serving as president of FC Barcelona, which won the 2006 UEFA Champions League cup back in May (and if the preceding sentence made no sense to you, it’s time to hit Wikipedia). We may have noticed sooner if we’d paid a more recent visit to his popular and entertaining webpage, which shows him hoisting the UEFA trophy aloft like a newborn, er, metallic child (newcomers to the world of Xavier are encouraged to click through to see what the Spaniard’s site has up its sleeve for theorists, Marxists, Australians, and anyone who “bothers the flies”).

This brings to at least two the number of Columbia econ professors associated with professional soccer (Sunil Gulati is president of the US Soccer Federation). If current trends continue, Bwog believes, everyone in the econ department will either hold a Nobel Prize or preside over the hopes and dreams of a wild, scarf-clad hooligan mob.


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  1. please  

    why, oh, why did i take intermediate macro with bruce preston and not xavier?

    take note, my young fellow econ majors, you should only take the following classes with the following professors:

    - principles... gulati
    - micro... elmes
    - macro... xavier

  2. don't call him a

    spaniard. he won't be very happy with you. he's a proud catalan.

  3. Come on you Reds!  

    Come on Liverpool!

  4. tothom  

    hauria de parlar catala

  5. we never walk alone  

    Liverpool!!!!! its good that football (the real one) is making some headway in the US

  6. I admit  

    John Arne Riise gives me the gingervitis.

  7. Sprinkles  

    Sala-i-Martin's website is awesome. Especially the Beavis and Butthead links.

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