Point/Counterpoint: Fire the Sandwich Lady

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Kate Ryan sent Bwog this photo from the comments board of the Hewitt Dining Hall at Barnard, where a great debate is being waged.

The first comment, by Jonathan (jcm2120), reads:

“Fire the sandwich lady (the regular one) She is absolutely rude, disrespectful, and shows no pleasure in doing her job.”

…to which Alli (acl2118) replies:

“I love the sandwich lady. Jonathan is rude because he can’t get any. The sandwich lady is hott [sic] and turned him down :(”

We now eagerly await the Manager’s Response…

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  1. DHI  

    [sic] is not really appropriate. "Hott" is a separate word - for the meaning go to http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hott

  2. joe  

    She doesn't show any pleasure in doing her job? I wouldn't either! That's why it's such a fun challenge to see if you can get her to say "You're welcome". Come on, you know you want to... What if you say it while looking her in the eye and smiling? Or what if you ask how her day is going while she makes your sandwich? What if you memorize the various kinds of bread, and specify your sandwich precisely in the exact right amount of time (neither too fast to hear, nor so slow that it is tedious)? This is why it is so much fun to eat in Hewitt.

    • ehh  

      isn't this "game" true of any morningside dining facility? once I went to swarthmore and was totally taken aback by the friendliness- nay -love shown by the dining staff toward students. even in quasi-urban, arrogant harvard, the personnel are not so resentful...

  3. Note:  

    Neither UNI is a Barnard student's...

  4. X.J.  

    The sandwich lady, while curt, at least makes an effort to be at her station for most of her shift; unlike the stir-fry lady, who I have never seen behind the counter.

    Too much human interaction for me at Hewitt, anyway. I appreciate the anonymity of John Jay's self-service.

    • meh  

      son, before your time john jay too was actually staffed by dining hall professionals. then there was no chaos of buffet lines intersecting with one another or hungry students competing for the last scrap of striped chicken, only the clean efficiency a single ladle-line, ruled by some bluesmocker's iron fist

  5. p.k.  

    people are unnecessarily hard on the sandwich lady, and these comments come up frequently. she's not cheery all the time. so what? just because she doesn't seem to revel in serving all the princesses (and apparently princes) at barnard and columbia who think they're entitled to a smile with thier sandwich doesn't mean she should lose her job. she still makes a damn fine sandwhich.

  6. Finally!  

    I agree with Jon. I am excessively nice to that woman and she always snaps at me. I don't care what your job is, polite people who do nothing to merit rudeness shouldn't be treated like shit.

  7. i don't know  

    what you're doing wrong
    but the sandwich lady is nice to me.
    maybe it's because my one goal i made once i got to barnard, and saw the sandwich lady smile and wave at my OL and immediately turn a cold face to someone asking for a sandwich, was to have the sandwich lady love me like she loves my OL.

  8. Anonymous  

    it's quite right to expect friendly or at least polite service from the hewitt staff. and the same goes for john jay, 212, ferris booth, etc. why is it that so many staff at columbia/barnard eateries somehow think they're exempt from friendliness/politeness? we pay for service, and it's not asking too much to expect that service to be delivered with common courtesy.

  9. Anonymous  


    what's the trick?

  10. DHI  

    What I hate is the fucking portion control there, I feel like dining halls should be all you can eat, to make up for the lack of a menu.

    It's not too hard to still be nice to people if you have a shitty job, but on the other hand you sort of have to be an ass to demand that people do it - how hard is it to deal with people who aren't servile? Not very hard.

    One time I went to Hewitt there was some dude working there trying to get that woman to play Cee-Lo, and she was not responding with enthusiasm. She would probably not be a good co-worker; if my co-workers wanted to play dice I would think that would lighten the work environment, just like making up crazy things to say to customers.

  11. CML  

    What is truly infuriating is standing in line at Café 212, with a Snapple perched more and more precariously atop a sandwich container in your left hand and your CUID in your right, waiting for the damn cashier to cease her asinine side-conversation in Spanish with one of her co-workers, look at you, and swipe your card. I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for the food service employees or to resent them for how purposelessly unpleasant they are.

  12. well,  

    i'd support the firing of most of dining services employees.

  13. Anonymous

    Is it the Jamaican sandwich lady... or does she not work there anymore? If it is her that is being referred to, she's the nicest lady ever. EVER!

    How much pleasure could you derive from making sandwiches? Do you want dining services to say, "oh i'm sorry that we didn't put enough love into your sandwich, next time we'll invite your mom to come make one for you".

  14. rjt  

    I'm glad unapportioned vitriol has an outlet even after we're all sick of the Minutemen.

    What does Ron Lewenberg think about the Hewitt sandwich lady?

  15. I don't want  

    "love" with my fucking sandwich. I want her to not snap at me when I politely make my request. I've had shitty retail and restaurant jobs myself and people that rude are written up by the manager and removed if they are rude to customers. No one puts a gun to your head to take a shitty job and being hostile with the patrons is inexcusable. I didn't know Sandwitch lady was like that with a lot of people, i just dismissed it as her just not liking me for whatever reason.

  16. The Dink  

    Does Sandwich Lady have a real name?...I mean, "Sandwich Lady" is just a little impersonal.

  17. Anonymous

    Also, a nice "hello, how are you" goes a long way. Unless of course it's not the same lady I'm talking about, whereas you could just be stuck with someone that's mean as hell.

  18. since  

    sandwiches would be a lunch thing for me anyways, I don't need to go to Hewitt for bad service, when I can get great omeletes from Wilma in John Jay. She's a godsend.

  19. p.s.  

    Leave the woman alone!

  20. Ugh  

    So glad this blog has gotten yet another opportunity to be poisonous. You guys suck.

  21. hewitt fan  

    duuuude guys, have you ever seen the weekend sandwich lady? She is waaay worse, super slow and doesn't actually know which type of cheese is which, be grateful for the Jamaican lady!

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