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The march of overachievers continues today as Bwog salutes Frances Jeffrey-Coker C’10. The frolicsome freshman apparently decided that CCE’s Wall Street connections didn’t go quite far enough, and has decided to enter “the ultimate internship contest”, offered by the promoters of Will Smith’s upcoming film, The Pursuit of Happyness [sic] for, among other things, a coveted Morgan Stanley i-banking slot. The NY Times business blog, Deal Book, advertised the finalists a few days ago, among them our very own Frances, who can now count herself among the elite the Times has deemed worthy of the title “next Aleksey Vayner“.

Bwog gives Frances a pretty good chance given the competition. One discovered the contest when rummaging through her email’s trash bin and can’t seem to stop monotonically self-deprecating, while another claims to have enjoyed warming his basketball team’s bench and feels the need to preface one comment with “while Michael Jackson’s advice may not be the best for life…” Then there’s the “honors finance student” whose minimalist video proclaims that he works for a “buy-side institutional investor institution” before declaring “I want to become a better artist.” In this context, who can fail to be charmed by Frances’ classical campus backdrop, pop culture references, and her serenade to the soundtrack of Sister Act II? Quoth the Times, it’s simply “the most cinematic video of the four.”

See (and vote) for Frances’ and the other contestants’ videos here.


UPDATE: …and, if you’re so inclined, join the related Facebook group for moral support.

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  1. Anonymous

    I don't think i've watched something like that in a long time, where elaborations on a topic were repetitions of the topic and really bizarre editing. But I got the feeling it was supposed to be silly like that and she gets my vote.

    Cameron almost got my vote for busting out the spider-man/uncle ben reference.

  2. i wonder what else  

    they will do for money.

  3. her boyfriend

    I'm really glad she's not like that all the time...

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