Let the Fother Mucker Burn!

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fireTwo bemused boys spotted standing outside of Butler, bugged eyes fixed on the burning flyer at right.

One was wielding a cigarette.

“Hey, it’s better than studying…”  

Update 5:32 PM: Also, it seems that one of the glass doors to Carman has been smashed and covered with police tape. Calm down, guys–we’ve got a couple weeks to go yet.

Update 9:21 PM: Bwog regrets not titling this post Burning Bush.


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  1. mlt  

    does anyone know what happened? time, reason, eyewitness acounts?

  2. Erf  

    I think the perpetually broken glass door in Carman should be registered with the city landmarks commission.

  3. Meh  

    'Twas no big deal. Some kid was in a rush and tripped and headbutted it.

  4. hey  

    could you post the managing board? inquiring minds want to know

  5. the doors  

    on carman are worthless. the pivot point on them makes it a pain to open.

  6. best part is  

    the point of the obnoxious pivot is to make them "riot proof" ... but apparently not accidental-head-butt proof...

  7. come on  

    don't get too excited now, it wasn't really an accidental headbutt. of course, some drunken kid got a little too excited and kicked the shit out of the door. no surprise there.

  8. joey crack  

    Oooohhh vandalizing a poster of George Bush! How originally rebellious! How badass! How freethinking!! Idiot college students.

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