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Yesterday was a perfect day in our ever-more perfect union for a perfect sport:  kickball. Emma Jacobs writes in that WKCR crushed WBAR in the semi-annual Station Game, held in Central Park. The final score was 13-2, ‘KCR.  Unfortunately WBAR members forgot to bring the trophy.  They did, however, remember their vintage boombox. 

Which station’s programming reigns supreme? You be the decider. Or the commander guy.

More skinny jeans and kickin’ kicks after the jump!



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  1. How can it be  

    that this is the first ever bwog post with a "Hipsters" tag?

  2. what?  

    radio station kids playing kickball.
    no mention of hipsters. i think bwog just realized that by adding in something about being ironic or being a hipster they draw way more commentary and clash with the readers. all they do now days is talk about hipsters peppered with their occassionally snarky comments
    i mean, i still wish theyd update more often, but still my criticism stands

  3. such anger!  

    yo, why you nutto punks throwing such angry words at kids you dont even know? judging 'em by their clothes, their hair, their music, their whatever, sounds a bit superficial, a bit like stereotyping, you prejudice motherfucks, give it up, let them be free, dont be so anxious

  4. come on  

    being a hipster is a good thing!!

  5. is it?  

    Is that true? I personally don't enjoy being snubbed because my jeans don't hug my every curve and other people have heard of the bands I listen to. But that's just silly ol' me.

  6. Oh please  

    Someone define hipster in a way that doesn't mean Yuppie, and I'll give you a cookie.

    I mean seriously, if you're going to have a label, at least flesh out what the fuck it means.

    • wtf?  

      Do me a favor and look at the wikipedia articles for hipster and yuppie.
      Wait you won't so here we go
      Yuppie: Yuppies (or young urban professionals and young upwardly mobile professionals[1]) is a market segment whose consumers are characterized as self-reliant, financially secure individualists who do not exhibit or aspire to traditional American values.[2] Since the late 1980s, the phrase affluent professionals has been used as a synonym, stripped of negative associations with the once-homogenous market.
      Hipster: The word Hipster is considered a frequently recycled media created stereotype, which is often considered a derogatory term,[1] labeled upon a growing mass of younger individuals who take it upon themselves to appreciate and divulge their taste into hype and trends. The term hipster was created to market upon individuals who were seemingly unmarketable,[2] because of their varying eclectic tastes, which have been able to diverge too far off stream due to modern technologies or philosophies of the times; such as the internet,[3] racial diversity, or exploratory sex.
      When people say hipster, they mean the typically teenaged to 20-something demographic that is often characterized by tight jeans, thick black framed glasses, etc(granted that a stereotypical description). Yuppies are your somewhat older (20/30-something) professionals (see American Psycho for a pretty good mocking of yuppie culture).
      As for my cookie, I prefer oatmeal raisin.

      • Wait  

        So basically the definition for hipster is undefinable? That's pretty lame.

        Eclectic tastes, engaging hypes and trends, racial diversity and exploratory sex describe every group to ever walk the earth (with the possible exception of racial diversity, though I'd argue otherwise). Wikipedia you've failed me again.

      • hey now

        ironic dressing does not a hipster make. what you're calling hipster is most definitely scenester. kids that have too much time and go with whatever's trendy or edgy.
        i've known some pretty intense actual hipsters in my day (lots of record label internships) and most of those were older adults.
        the 20 somethings you call "hipsters" now will all grow up and get sell out jobs like everyone else.

  7. psh  

    In any event, hipster comments aside, WBAR won with fun. Stuffy KCR kids didn't even rejoice in their complete domination, just smirked...

  8. SEAS  


  9. murp  

    The following types of people are simultaneously contained within the catchall word "hipster," in the common American perception of the term:

    - young activists
    - people who dance in clubs downtown to electronic music
    - people who are photographed while very drunk and mocked on Blue States Lose
    - young white people who have moved to Brooklyn
    - people who dress and/or act outrageously for the sake of irony (eg: wear very ugly dresses or absurd cowboy boots)
    - people who work at Kims
    - aspiring writers, poets, artists
    - any individual wearing tight jeans or chuck taylors
    - skateboarders
    - people who throw loft parties
    - "emo" kids (whatever that means)
    - people who do street art and/or stage events like Forte Nite
    - fans of esoteric authors, films, or musical genres
    - people who listen to 90's indie rock, 50's garage rock, 70's punk or 80's new wave
    - fans of underground hip-hop
    - followers of the neo-hippie philosophy of the freak-folk movement
    - people who wear vintage clothes or consider themselves "twee"
    - punk kids, squatters, dumpster-divers
    - kids who get their taste cues from "The OC"
    - people who are devotees of bygone eras or musical movements
    - intellectuals
    - upper middle class suburban dwellers who dabble in what they consider "avant garde"
    - boys who have a purposefully geeky aesthetic
    - anyone who considers themselves existentialist or post-modern
    - bloggers, people who read The Believer and n+1, people who carry around moleskins

  10. a yuppie, meanwhile,  

    is considered to be someone who
    - is extremely careerist
    - shops at Banana Republic
    - considers themselves somewhat progressive while actually supporting a conservative lifestyle
    - is a big fan of Starbucks
    - generally a non-trendsetter in any sense
    - burgeoning "professional" market

  11. yang  

    why has no one mentioned asymmetrical haircuts?

  12. or what about

    going to clubs purely to be professionally photographed. and all other photographs taken must either be polaroids or from an elevated angle.

  13. 13-2?  

    hipsters are the new jocks

  14. lets be fair  

    WBAR definitely had more fun and was far more gender equitable.

  15. def of yuppie  


  16. surprised

    How did WKCR win with all those senior citizens on the team?

  17. wkcrite

    WKCR and WBAR have nothing but love for each other, and that love involves a great appreciation of irony, hipsters, anthony braxton, noise music, skinny jeans, and the vintage boombox.

    all y'all haterz gotta stop posting on bwog, listen to some decent radio, and relax.

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