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Good news, followed by some possibly not so good, but on closer ex amination pretty awesome news:

CHIPOTLE IS OPEN! And better still, they’re offering a $5 drink-and-burrito combo until closing today. Athletes can rejoice at the fact that 100% of today’s sales will go towards Columbia athletics; stoners and lovers of Mexican food can rejoice at the markup being not nearly so bad as feared–burritos and tacos are a reasonable $6.75, the same price as at most of the chain’s suburban locations.

Meanwhile…NACHOS IS CLOSED! But buck up, class of 2011–there are still plenty of places around campus where you can underagedly get your drink on, although the ones Bwog is thinking of are crowded enough already.

Workers at the newly-gutted former nightclub/Mexican restaurant informed Bwog that a resta urant and juice bar will soon occupy Nacho’s old location. Could this mean that the Jamba Juice rumors are true? Maybe, although Jamba’s urban markup is a lot worse than Chipotle’s (it’s five bucks for a small Jamba in midtown, compared to $3.25 in the ‘burbs).

And on a non-Mexican food related note: Columnist Robert Samuelson accuses Judith Shapiro and Co. of “embracing censorship.” The Washington Post isn’t quite as critical as Samuelson, but still has its doubts.

Finally, for the curious: that bad 80s pop music you hear is emanating from this year’s massive clam-bake themed Student Services staff party. It looks like a fun time, although Bwog really isn’t loving the humidity right now…


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  1. come again

    Judith Shapiro and So. ? What does that mean?

    First I had to look up the acronym ONTD on the previous post, and now this?! Honestly, why do I waste my time?

  2. Wow

    Oh how the Columbia bar scene has fallen. Here's hoping 1020 actually starts enforcing the drinking age before it becomes too packed with freshmen to be any fun at all.

  3. idea

    bwog needs to desperately publish a guide to places where freshmen can "get their drink on"...as discreetly/coded as possible - if for no other reason than to indeed keep the tykes outta 1020.

  4. 2011

    can have the Abbey and the Heights(and The West End if they can get an ID that will swipe...)

  5. From the NY Times  

    Neil Kleinberg and DeDe Lahman, who own the Clinton Street Baking Company and Restaurant on the Lower East Side, have taken over what was Nacho Mama’s. In late August they plan to open this restaurant and juice bar with a green approach — composting and no plastic foam, for starters — and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner: 2893 Broadway (112th Street).

  6. community food?

    I hope that's not the real name. it sounds like a food pantry or homeless shelter with a surprise yuppie twist at the end.

  7. hey  

    two things:
    a) i got me some free ice cream at that there clam bake, yeehaw
    c) there is still a "bwog turns one...i know right? saturday west end happy hour all night" flier posted in the Lerner 2nd floor computer room.
    b) so what?

  8. Avi Zenilman

    In Washington, DC, Chipotle burritos are $5.85!

  9. Anonymous

    Remember last night, when the new Columbia Chipotle was free? That was fun. Sorry bwog, you have no tip hotline.

  10. bwog  

    you are way too late on these tips.

    also, the clambake played less 80s pop music than it did contemporary hip-hop and r&b. sounds like ARR didn't do his research. psh.

  11. hairs  

    1. i am excited about that thing that's replacing nacho's.

    2. only eat chipotle if it is free. go to taqueria instead. they are mad nice and give you free chips.

    • yeah but

      they use mozarella cheese in chicken burritos, which is just bizarre.

      • DHI

        Isn't that oaxaca cheese?

        The real thing Chipotle can't replace (other than the traditional dishes) is the tortas.

        But Chipotle's a lot faster than Taqueria, and if you're trying to grab a reasonably filling lunch between classes and not pay a lot of money, it's gonna be the best option there.

  12. hmmm

    what hours are they open?? if they kept the same hours as Koronets, it would be godly...

    and we would all be fat

  13. Manny Ramirez  

    For those from boston, how can we get an anna's here? Now that would be awesome.

    • Keven Youkadingdong

      Don't think we haven't thought about it.

      Taqueria is great, especially for tortas, but don't order the beef, I know four people who've gotten food poisoning there. At least it's like Anna's in that regard - health code violations make the food that much more interesting.

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