1. too adorable

    thank you, bwog. I had no idea that I needed that today...

  2. Sprinkles

    I hate those yappy things. They shouldn't even qualify as dogs.

  3. small dogs

    are actually rats, except not as cool. they deserve punting.

  4. ewoks?!

    Be careful! They might ruin Return of the Jedi!

    But yes, they are adorable. Thank you Bwog.

  5. meme  

    is it can be hugs tiem now plees!!

  6. picture 2  

    im in ur hand, peein.

  7. man

    whassup wit these bitches on bwog?!

  8. Anonymous

    Which one is Matt Sanchez?

  9. Anonymous

    Nah, he's the one with his tongue up some guy's butt. Check out this video on Live Leak. Apparently they are on to Mateo and his antics. It's hilarious!


  10. honestly  

    that video is kind of lame. what does it say that hasn't already been said about sanchez before? and really, just ignore the clown. he gets too much press as is.

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