1. bwogwatcher  

    Why did you remove the "Sex!" link?

  2. alexw  

    Gonna go eat me some crackers.

  3. ugh  

    the style article makes me want to vomit. it reeks of elitism of the worst kind...

  4. ugh  

    the sorority article makes me want to vomit. OK, not the whole thing, just the part about the "deeply controversial" Sean Bell case. The only reason it's a "controversy" is because 3 white police officers weren't sent to prison for doing their jobs.

  5. honest question

    how does spec get away with a weekly and pretty shitty rag that seems to only strengthen every widely held stereotype about columbia as being a school for prissy white wannabe hipsters?

    • fatty  

      a) I'd say the Eye's quality is pretty typical for a college publication.

      b) How does it enforce negative stereotypes any more than Bwog (snide, spoiled malcontents) or Spec (toolish Woodward wannabes)? So there are hipsters at Columbia, and they've got a magazine. Who the fuck cares?

  6. honest question

    it proves for one that spec doesn't seem to give a shit about artistic diversity by keeping with the same themes week after week. i do agree with you that it's pretty typical for a college publication though. the layout is usually really nice.

    truth is that there are far better city blogs out there run by college students that do work vastly superior to the mostly dated and one-dimensional topics covered in the eye. it really shows that columbia students don't have a clue when it comes to covering these kinds of things, so they'll give themselves the self-congratulatory "we tried" pat on the back by the same people that write the same stories every single week.

    whatever. the eye wouldn't even exist if it weren't for that weekly full page ad. so at least they've got that.

  7. the truth

    "hipsters" have been placed on this earth by the gods to test those among us who actually embrace independent/alternative/"indie" culture. THE EYE embodies exactly what is wrong with hipsterdom: it is just fashion and style, a thoughtless pillaging of real creativity and independence, that snobbishly celebrates and elevates itself through the same media of bullshit mainstream culture-- fashion magazines being one of the most repugnant.

    15 years ago when there was no "hipster" culture, people who dressed like those now considered hipsters were just weird kids or punks and nobody bothered em. since indie has slowly become more marketable in the last decade or so, those kids now get lumped in with the kids who just want to dress cool. so it's a real blend of geniune weirdos and dorks mixed with people who think they are the shit and are willing to pay top dollar to make sure other people think so too.

    want to know why nobody identifies themself as a hipster? because the word carries the connotation of 'consumer,' and the culture that it's based on is a culture of the producer-- so the bullshitters and fakes fear that label, as they ought to.

  8. the eye is  

    a magazine, not a blog. of course a blog will be more newsy/relevant. also, what "city blogs" run by college students are you talking about?

  9. #10

    ... that said, this is more a criticism of that culture in general and not necessarily all of the content in THE EYE. though i don't really consider myself a fan

  10. Lady Hair Pretty

    I see dueling forces clashing over what will be poured into the chalice of our souls: a depraved brew of hatred and hopelessness, or a sublime highball of tolerance and surprise pizza parties.

    Thank you, BWOG, for bringing substantive issues of inner conflict to the forefront.

  11. hey hey hey  

    to clarify. i wrote the sorority article and obviously think the sean bell verdict was complete racist bullshit. i wrote "deeply controversial" because i couldnt write "racist bullshit." it was not an intentional tiptoe

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