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Tipster and video game enthusiast Nick Camp directs Bwog’s attention to the new Grand Theft Auto IV, specifically the Varsity Heights neighborhood of Liberty City. Buildings eerily similar to Low, Butler, and Hamilton are located just off Ivy Drive—there’s even a College Walk. 

Bwog daily editor Paul Barndt pointed out that this homage to Alma Mater is much more accurate than Columbia’s representation in the Spiderman games, “where Low is like 15 feet tall.” Bwog contributor and resident GTAIV expert Alex Weinberg was kind enough to snap some screen shots as “he” stood on “Ruggles” with a sniper.

Aerial shot (featuring a helicopter!) after the jump.

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  1. fff  

    we want nice clear screenshots! someone out there must have the expertise.

  2. hmmm...  

    wait, so you can go on a rampage on College Walk?

    that's creepy...

  3. i also  

    want spiderman screenshots. step up the game, bwog!

  4. curious  

    weinberg. where is your senior wisdom?

  5. i played this  

    verrrry nice

    but kinda creepy, I was on the building in which I was physically in, freaky

  6. alexw  

    They haven't asked me to do one and I don't want to do one. We have a good thing going. Also, senior wisdoms should be limited to people who are wise.

    They should get Nat Gale.

  7. lolz

    ohhhhh alex wwwww youre soooo moddestttt

  8. Anonymous  

    Actually, I'd prefer random student off the street to famous people. Histrionic personalities are easy enough to find out about. It's the quiet ones I'd rather know.

  9. next year  

    they need to ask Damian Ancukiewicz!

  10. also  

    standing on college walk between Low and Butler in GTA IV - it's pretty sweet!

    go Rockstar.

  11. AT&T Number  

    Oh, so that's where Weinberg has been.

    That also explains the dead hookers lining 114th.

  12. GPA death  

    Why oh why did Rockstar have to release this during finals!?!?!

  13. Poisonberry pie

    At the risk of being too critical, Mr. Weinberg, your gaming technique could use improvement. The key to effective sniping is concealment, which means that the sniper needs to use the environment--urban or otherwise--to obscure his presence. This is done with camouflage that helps the sniper and his weapons blend into their environment, and by using the physical structures (artificial or natural) of the environment to limit his visibility.

    In the scenario depicted in the above screenshot, where you’re standing right on the edge of the Ruggles building, you've left yourself completely vulnerable. While rooftop shots can be profitable, it is generally advisable to select the tallest structure in a target-rich area if you are going to employ such shots.

    This is preferable for two reasons. First, it provides for an overall wider field of view, thus allowing for better target acquisition. Second, it limits opportunities for counterattack, which obviously improves a sniper’s odds of survival, but also provides more time for offensive action generally. As can be clearly seen, the two buildings immediately behind your character would have been better options.

    However, better still--during a daytime operation, anyway--would have been to position yourself inside the tallest building, near a window. This way, you could have decreased your personal visibility the most, though not without having incurred the trade-off of reduced offensive visibility. However, this trade-off can be compensated for with adequate reconnaissance.

    Of course, not being particularly familiar with the game, I don’t know if it allows the player such freedom of movement, nor if sniping was even the primary objective of your mission. I can only tell so much from two screenshots.

    I’d love to know if the game gives you access to the underground tunnels.

  14. lkfjsd

    man, I made a comment about this in one of yesterday's postings... This guy just ripped me off.

  15. if....  

    it makes you feel better, i saw your comment and began googling for screenshots for a good 15 minutes, to no avail.

  16. actually  

    He saw your comment unnoticed, looked around me twice, punched the window out, opened the door, pressed x to hotwire it, then drove it outside of the flashing red circle until the wanted level went away and it was safe to post.

  17. wow  

    can you kill hipsters? please tell me you can at least massacre the hunger strikers.

  18. GTA IV  

    has consumed my life. And yeah, just like in any game that features NYC, I headed over to see how Columbia looked as soon as I unlocked Manhatt—er, Algonquin.

  19. Lee C.  

    so much for digital accuracy: they omitted the invisible gentrification shield that protects all persons and places columbia from this sort of riff-raff

  20. accuracy!  

    even better, when you walk around the campus you can overhear AI characters talking about global warming. also, if you kill students in the columbia neighborhood they drop more money than people in other neighborhoods

  21. more importantly  

    is there barnard?

  22. charles alexander

    what sort of fun stuffs have you guys done on Columbia Campus @ GTA?

    So far I've
    - gone on a shooting gun rampage around campus
    - kicking the balls of some professor
    - driving through the college walk
    - fly a chopper on top of low library

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