Guide to the Weekend: Single-Minded for Science Edition

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For those searching for a (very) warm weather weekend activity, tipster Emma Jacobs suggests heading to Fulton Ferry Landing to check out the enormous Telectroscope. The artist/inventor/mad scientist behind the creation is Paul St. George, who explains that original blueprints for the device purport to allow New Yorkers and Londoners to wave to one another via some sort of forgotten magical Trans-Atlantic tunnel. Tenuous science non-withstanding, the thing is only around until June 15th, at which point it will evaporate, along with Paul St. George, back into the fourth dimension from which they came.


Photo on left by Emma Jacobs, photo on right via Telectroscope site

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  1. Strange

    Based on those photos, the inside of that thing actually looks bigger than the outside.

    Holy crap it's like the tents at the Quidditch match in Harry Potter!

  2. ...  

    whatevs... it's a cheap rip-off of the alameda-weehawken burrito tunnel:


    • umm no...

      read some news articles about where this idea came from. And I'm not sure if this was an intentional joke on Bwog's part or not, but no one is claiming that this thing works based on the original principles.

  3. Hmmm

    I wish they would make this thing permanent! It's pretty neat and kind of gives you the warm fuzzies when people wave back all the way across an ocean. (I read they charge you a pound in Britain to see it!)

  4. cupcake  

    the telectroscope is actually really cool! people are actually there with their cell phones talking to people on the other side.

  5. go see it

    then complain. bwog makes me depressed. everybody's so jaded.

  6. brian

    last week i waved into the telectroscope from london. cooool.

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