JHN II Has Resurfaced…as a Star Trek Captain?

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Bwogger Jon Hill recently came across this hilarious tidbit on Columbia’s favorite muscle-milk consumer.  Apparently some movie fans have confused Northrop as Jeffrey Hunter, an actor who shared the screen with John Wayne, Henry Fonda and Sean Connery and played the captain in the original pilot episode of Star Trek.  Bwog is not exactly sure how the site got JHN II mixed up with Hunter, who died almost forty years ago, but we do see a bit of a resemblance…


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  1. ewwwwww  


  2. Ew, indeed.  

    This guy came around campus to creep on high school girls during this summer's Pad Your Resume Camp. So gross.

  3. witness  

    I've seen him around campus.... he's looks like a tan, semi-buff midget....or over-worked and over-baked bread...

  4. sad  

    he's still here......5 years later

    • sadder

      We still talk about him five years later...The dude hasn't done anything remotely interesting or controversial in years so lay off him already.

      Get a life Bwog.

      That goes for Francowatch as well. Creepy.

  5. okay

    Perhaps this is very telling of my state of procrastination and all I am doing is giving this asshole more attention...

    but has anyone else noticed that he has been taking a page from Dina Lohan's Self-Tan-Your-Way-To-A-Weirder-Looking-YOU book?

  6. jeb  

    one of the worst people i've ever met

  7. fairly hilarious  

    I saw this guy take a test once. the man drank 4 redbulls in the course of 2 hours. What did he drink in between the redbulls? Coffee.

    I shit you not.

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