Playground Love: Morningside’s Fountain of Youth

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Feeling melancholy this Sunday? Be daring and venture out of the confines of Butler into Morningside Park, the area’s oft-dismissed sanctuary of tall trees and fresh breezes.

At the bottom of the 436,232 stone steps, Bwog had to flatten itself against a wall as hordes of screaming children raced around in circles, delighted at having finally finished their midterms.  They informed us that, roughly translated from the language of Childbabble, the new playground had finally opened.  This required an investigation.

The new playground has a pleasing blue-and-green color scheme that blends in nicely with the surrounding park.  It’s a more free-form style than some of the old themed playgrounds Bwog remembers.  There’s also a definite separation from the super-little equipment for toddlers and the more challenging slides and such for the older kids.  The playground was completely overwhelmed with moms on cellphones not paying attention to their kids, busy running into poles and climbing everything within reach.

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According to the New York Times, the $2 million playground was the brainchild of Alexander Hart, a landscape architect at the Department of Parks and Recreation.  New York City has unique requirements for playgrounds, such as components being made of stainless steel so they will be bullet proof.  In addition, the structures must be designed in such a way to keep homeless people from seeking shelter: holes in roofs to let rain through and few covered surfaces.

Social conventions prohibited Bwog from trying out the playground first hand, but the visit was well worth it.  In a city where nothing ever stops, nostalgia for simpler times is appreciated.

Photos by Anish Bramhandkar

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  1. ah!  

    what's with the freakish, blue side-ladder at the far right of the second photo!!? can kids really climb that?

    actually, i noticed another creepy, dangerous blue structure that curves up and down in the last photo. this shit is insane.

  2. aww  

    this is a great. i love it when bwog does these kinds of features!

  3. points

    for the Air song reference in the post title.

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    and now you know what it's like to be a gs student. except well, you know, we don't give a damn about social conventions.

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