Free Hot Liquids: Premed “Only” Edition

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Our chapter of the American Medical Student Association will be holding a premed study break this evening.

Free hot chocolate and free (presumably hot) coffee will be found tonight at 9:00 PM in the West Ramp Lounge in Lerner.

Bwog also presumes that you can get in by off-handedly mentioning that you’re considering premed, even as you declare your double major in statistics and linguistics.

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  1. actually  

    the beauty of pre-med is that you can major in anything!

  2. no,  

    that's the beauty of pre-law. pre-med means you can try to major in anything but will have to work your "major" around chem, calc, physics, orgo, bio, and the like. you are pre-med first, classics major second.

  3. linguistics  

    isn't a major :(

    tragedy for those of us who actually want to study it

  4. random  

    pre-meds are the worst.

    • Really?  

      I thought it was greedy Econ majors. No wait, stupid history majors. No wait, humanities douchebags. No wait, engineers with no social skills.

      Tired of stupid ass generalizers like yourself.

  5. or...

    you can major in anything, and then go into the post-bac/pre-med program in GS. thats what its there for.

  6. just  

    look very frazzled and mumble something incoherent and panicked about Moschowitz and codons and they'll believe you.

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