Columbia Library Employees Pimp A Bookcart, World Is In Awe

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Oh sure, you may be a fan of Cribs or Pimp My Ride, but nothing really screams “pimp me” like a bookcart. At least, so say the runners of, who have just concluded their third annual “Pimp My Bookcart” competition. Continuing our university’s fine winning streak, this year’s first place prize went to the employees of Butler’s Rare Books and Manuscript Library, who turned their bookcart into a hot dog cart. We’re hungry just looking at it, and so were the judges: “We rarely agree on anything as easily as we did in giving this cart first prize. Succeeds in all of our judging categories!”

You can see a rearview of the “hot book cart” here, and you can also see the ingenious designs it beat.

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  1. Runner-up  

    The 2nd place entry was a gratuitous fire truck entry, but my favorite snippet of the description (of the fire truck) was this: "The rear of the vehicle includes a traditional “Support Our Troops” ribbon magnet."

  2. yo yo  

    this is the kind of quality reporting bwog needs to continue

  3. Hi!  

    Hey evan! the cart looks awesome.

  4. hell yes  

    RBML is awesome.

  5. ...  

    As always, Evan is doing a great job. Go Bucks County!

  6. Jack Reylan

    Columbia Civil Engineering is controlled by the mafia, which is why all the famous professors whose surnames started with S up and left.

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