“Break up Weekend” Commences for Twelves

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Thanksgiving weekend can be a tumultuous time for first-years. For many, it is the first time home since August, a hectic four-day period where one must see everyone one loved or cared about since pre-school at breakneck speed. This includes much obligatory bonding time with parents and relatives and a lot of “yeah I know I look tired but I swear I’m OK” lines aimed at worried grandparents.

There is no reunion more daunting however, than the meet-up with ones high school sweetheart. From coast to coast, Thanksgiving weekend has been dubbed “break-up weekend“: freshmen eagerly anticipate seeing their boyfriend or girlfriend, only to be massively disappointed when they actually see their significant other for the first time in months, resulting in the all-too-common “I’m waiting for this?!” effect when one considers the other options available to them at college in the big city.

There is also the possibility that the relationship has been on the rocks for a while, the strain of long-distance taking its toll on a bond that once seemed unbreakable, and Thanksgiving serves as the perfect opportunity to initiate a break up that shouldn’t be done over Facebook or via videochat. Good luck this weekend, Twelves, Bwog will be here to help you nurse those broken hearts come Monday morning. 

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  1. Definitely  

    Ought to post some Bwog Personals on Monday for that express reason.

  2. Bwog  

    will be here to help you nurse those broken hearts? Since when did Bwog become a sap? You were supposed to be snarky and cynical, Bwog. I don't care if Obama won. I don't look to you for hope.

    Bwog may be there for you, twelves, but I will laugh at you and your 1990's born freshmania.

  3. seriously??  

    I'm pretty sure its universally called "turkey dumping."

  4. For Seniors

    Thanksgiving is called "Impress your family and friends by showing them how much you can drink now that you are actually 21"

  5. just to let you know  

    it will be your significant other breaking up with you (because at other schools, there's actually an incentive to not being tied up in a mostly non-existent long distance relationship, but here, there's really nothing better).
    have fun being dumped!

  6. yup...

    I was dumped...

    all the better for it now!

  7. losers

    I'm in a stable, happy, long-term relationship and am about to enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving meal with my love.

  8. Oh, Columbia

    I love you guys.

  9. bwog persoals!  

    yes more of those!
    i love them!none this semester! NONE.

  10. yeah, we  

    demand bwog personals! this is as popularly demanding as popualr demand gets

  11. Not me  

    Did this shit BEFORE getting here.

    • excellent  

      good job, that is definitely the way to do it. best advice ever---break up BEFORE you get here, not over thanksgiving; else you have wasted an entire semester of would-be hookups 1st semester frosh year!

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