Free Food: Bet You Didn’t Know You Could Eat That With A Spoon Edition

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How depressing and/or controversial do you like the news attached to your free food to be? Today, you have two choices:

At 6:30 in Lerner West Ramp Lounge, the Northern Korean Alliance demystifies North Korea for you with the aid of a free smorgasbord from Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread. Miss Mamie herself is rumored to be opining on the state of North Korea.

Otherwise, there will be pizza and drinks in Earl Hall Auditorium at 7:00, to accompany a talk by economics Professor Brendan O’Flaherty, who is also the Campaign Director of Picture the Homeless. If you arrive clutching a bag full of spoonbread, they might not let you in, so it’s best to stuff it all in your mouth before you get to the door.

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  1. brendan o'flaherty

    campaign director for PTH? are you sure? i had no idea...

  2. isn't it...  

    North Korean Awareness?

  3. Community Impact  

    Professor O'Flaherty AND the Campaign Director for Picture the Homelessness are speaking. They are not one in the same.

    Community Impact's Project for the Homeless and Habitat for Humanity Chapters will also be in attendance tonight, for anyone who is interested in getting involved.

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