Flex Soberly Bids Arrivederci to Camille’s

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Another vendor has been stricken from the Flex-friendly list—this time, by the University.

Camille’s on Amsterdam Avenue has been expelled from the Flex program for non-compliance with the University’s alcohol restrictions. Administrators say they caught the restaurant allowing students to purchase alcohol using Flex on multiple occasions.

“Any attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages  using Flex could potentially jeopardize not only the merchant’s participation but the entire program,” explains Michael Novielli of Student Auxiliary and Business Services in an e-mail to Bwog.

Though this no doubt comes as bad news for the three Columbia students who ever go to Camille’s, it also reverses the hard-fought gains by Wondee Siam V, bringing the total of merchants accepting Flex back down to 17. 

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  1. Who the fuck

    goes to camilles?

  2. why exactly  

    is the university anal about buying alcohol with flex, if you're 21? What is up their ass?

  3. i ve never been

    to camille's. has anyone? ever? i'm trying to think of the second closest restaurant to columbia that i've never been to. it's definatley below 112th or above 121st.

  4. ...

    how in the world did they "catch" them serving students? I'm a little curious about their methods... were there student moles or did they go around and harass clients at a private resturaunt? seems rather fishy

  5. camille's  

    i went there once during restaurant week my first year at CU. the place is really painfully boring. the food isn't particularly interesting but it isn't bad. i cannot figure out why the place is still open honestly. nobody seems to go there. perhaps it is a major draw for law students?

  6. ...

    they have really good pizza.

  7. hmmm

    This is truly strange. Not long ago the University had no problem with alcohol consumption by students of legal age-- even encouraging it on many an occasion, or so it seemed. I would attribute it to the infantilization of youth in the broader society. Perhaps 31 will be the new 21 some day.

  8. camilles  

    is a mafia front

  9. we used  

    to have a bar and a club on campus in the early 90s. Apparently Shollenberger and co. must have a problem with the way our alumni turned out, if he calls any current environment with alcohol unsafe and un-communal.

  10. Duhh  

    Of course they treat us like infants when activist morons engage in infantile protests. Anyone remember the hunger strike?

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