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photoListen, new owners of 999 (at least, that’s what we think it’s called), formerly La Negrita: when New York Magazine names you “The Happening Bar” in the neighborhood, you give thanks and go about doing the things that, you know, won you the distinction in the first place. Or you could go ahead and change the name, we suppose.  Photo evidence at right, and a look at their new bizarrely Anglo (Steak and Kidney Pie?) “Pub Grub” menu after the jump.


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  1. vom  

    that menu looks nasty.

  2. yom  

    that menu looks fantastic.
    an anglo.

  3. ...  

    i didn't think that place had a kitchen. it certainly doesn't look like it has the room to have one.

  4. former fan

    the new owner is English. He occasionally pops up from his normal home in Miami to weirdly hit on undergrads and redesign the bar to look like the front room of an escort service.
    Few things make me sadder than the downhill slide of this bar. They used to have Jenga and kid's art on the walls, and now it's all faux leather couches, Target storage ottomans, and $7 rum and cokes. et tu, negrita?

  5. Is mhaith!  

    Cornish pasties? Seven-dollar shepherd's pie? This is what I wanted from Haakon's Hall— not ugly tomatoes and, and... vegetables.

    Any idea when this place opens, Bwog?

  6. Well,

    Moment of silence for the fallen Negrita

  7. let me know  

    If the tax drinks when you pay with a credit card like La Negrita did. What a shithole that was.

  8. um  

    its run by the owner of cafe A

  9. Scotsman

    Scotch eggs? Delish. But Scotch and Eggs is just what the hangover doctor ordered.

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