Bwoglines: Frozen Water Is Fun

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The snowstorm blanketing much of the Mid-Atlantic kept a lot of your high school friends from flying home this weekend. (Times)

The Parks Department officially invites you to go sledding in city parks; unfortunately, they will not be officially providing post-sledding hot chocolate with marshmallows. (Gothamist)

While hosting last night’s episode SNL, James Franco french-kissed a few men during a sketch. Sadly, that’s enough for a news story. (Daily News)

In the wide world of sports, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the New Orleans Saints 24-17, ending their chances for an undefeated season, and in soccer, Fulham beat Manchester United 3-0. (Times and Guardian)

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  1. woot woot  

    fuck yeah fulham - dempsey is a sav.

  2. Those are  

    MY BOYS!!! Go Dallas!

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