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Bwog’s Dorm Decor Correspondent Carolyn Ruvkun presents you with another RoomHop! If you believe your room should be Hopped, please email [email protected] with pictorial evidence.

Flea market fiend Laura Sperber, CC’11, describes the Watt double she shares with Zoe Lubitz as “kitschy and cozy.” With quirky, curios and whimsical trinkets crowding every tabletop, their eclectic room is brimming with character. The seasoned scavengers fill their place with nostalgic knick-knacks like Zoe’s My Little Pony and Laura’s old-school Atari videogame. A smattering of bad news baby animal postcards covers their bathroom door. They feature crushing notes like “your baby is ugly” and “I only like you when I’m drunk.”

Despite the hodgepodge of tchotchkes, Laura and Zoe’s room is remarkably put-together. Their carefree flea market flare is tempered by a keen eye for aesthetics and maximizing space. “We completely rearranged the room to make a more efficient set up,” says Zoe. The roommates took apart the bunk bed and stacked the dressers, creating a kind of headboard over Laura’s bed—her prized “nook.” They even managed to fit Zoe’s bike under her bed. (BOP shout out!)

The newest addition to their room is Nigel, the massive stuffed Zebra, who doubles as a clothes hanger and loveable mascot. The roommates outfitted him in Laura’s tiger hat. “I was told that no one would talk with me if I wore that hat, so now only Nigel wears it,” she regrets. Remembering the good times, she adds, “you can stick your hands in the paws on the hat and pretend you’re a tiger.”

But the pair’s most impressive artistic endeavor is their nature scene, complete with watercolor sunflowers, a Google-image inspired tree and clouds made from bathmats and the orientation issue of the Spec. “The clouds even have the handy Morningside Heights restaurant guide,” Zoe points out. And a note to those who accuse the pair of violating housing regulations: these lawful artists completed their project using only tape, suction cupped bathmats, and a roll of butcher paper. Creativity doesn’t have to be criminal.

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  1. woah!  

    Is that a My Little Pony?? hmm.. my captcha says "of narnia"

  2. What

    an amazing room.!!!!!!!! Zoe and Laura have truly made their room a home away from home. This room hop totally captured their style and creativity. This is a cool as the last room hop. Great interview and picture. The room hops have gotten a lot better recently. Way to go bwog !!

  3. Watt 3  

    has the best roomzzzzzz

  4. Andrew

    nice article sister

  5. Nigel  

    probably talks to the My Little Pony while Laura and Zoe are at class.

  6. woo  

    wow this room is so cute! i want to hire you guys to decorate my room!

  7. Anonymous  

    zoe and laura are amazing!

  8. Steve

    You girls have talent, great looking room. (I see Steffi's flea market influence)

  9. Anonymous  

    there's an extra comma after "quirky" in the first paragraph

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