Sophomore Scream

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Low Steps

Basically, we’re trying to start a tradition, a la Primal Scream, of having the entire sophomore class gather together with their peers on the last night of declaration and give the whole process a feeling of completion and jubilation. It’s obviously geared towards the sophomores, but since it’s the first year and we’re trying to get this to take off, anyone is really welcome to come, and there will be plenty of FREE FUNNEL CAKE AND HOT CHOCOLATE to appease the Bwog free food crazy denizens. We realized that it’s incredibly depressing that you have to make this decision that, although probably not life-determining, is still a very important and personal choice with only the glow of a computer monitor as your companion and confidant. Thus, the birth of this idea. There will be a massive banner for people to sign with their newly declared major and which will probably make a pretty good photo-op, and at 10, everyone will yell out their majors together in the direction of But ler. Thanks for promoting and helping us out with this.

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