More Petitions, Possibly Fewer Problems!

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2010: Year of the Petition.

Last week, we told you about yet another possible Study Days solution: an indepedent proposal submitted by faculty suggesting that our Fall Break be eliminated in order to end classes earlier Fall semester. The 50 comments on that post showed that most of you were none-too-pleased about the proposition, and the councils seem to have caught on. Another Study Days petition was born:  Laura Gabriele and Eugenio Suarez, affiliated with ESC and SGB, respectively, started the petition and joined forces with ESC later in the day. If the petition gets 150 signatures, the motion is automatically sent to the University Senate for revision. As of 11:30 PM on Monday night, the group had 309 members, although not all members seemed to be in support of the petition. Some commented “take my fall break,” apparently preferring the extra days of school in November to getting home late for the holidays.

Check out the petition, and let us know what you think in the comments. The councils are listening!

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  1. ...  

    why is the idea of starting earlier hardly even an issue here? This makes the most sense and it feels like no one's really addressing it.

  2. Anon  

    Over 500 members now

  3. Personally  

    I think it's crap that we are fighting to keep 3 study days when other schools people have been posting about (including Yale and Berkeley) get a full week AND still get out before the 20th of December. If Yale can do it, surely anyone can, right?

  4. um  

    Yale is not in NYC, and they don't face the same problem of labor day as us. Why are you such a dumbhead?

    • um um  

      Yeahhh just because schools in New Haven start like 3 days earlier than NYC public schools is really not an excuse. As a million people have pointed out a million times, faculty get 100 hours of free backup daycare. And I think the point was not so much about Labor day, but just that they manage to schedule a full reading week (and I think they get a full week of fall break too) and still be done early.

  5. Anonymous  

    PLEASE TAKE AWAY ELECTION DAY. i think its the strangest placed holiday ever. i would rather a fall break like our spring break that's in the middle of the semester after midterms.

  6. Way to  

    post useless comments. Only real opinions will help this process along!

  7. seriously  

    WHAT is the point of election day break....with thanksgiving break already there we REALLY don't need two short breaks in one month. I'd gladly give that up for more study days so I don't fail out of this damn school and also i would like to NOT go home on christmas day again....

  8. Anonymous  

    How about assessing the real issue here, having the whole school sacrifice random, otherwise perfectly normal school days as Jewish holidays when only a fraction of the population is Jewish, and then making us take finals until one day before christmas eve?

  9. Anonymous  

    Hey guys just sayin if we have more days of class then we're getting more out of our money's worth in tuition amirite

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