“Pray for me. No. Seriously.”

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Yesterday, Bwog’s Housing Inquisitor, David Hu, collected the reactions of those lucky souls owning the best housing lottery numbers. Today, he’s back with the not-so-lucky.

Bwog: How did you feel when you found out?

Loser Less Fortunate Columbian 1: It was actually funny. I just sat there chuckling at myself asking how that number was even possible.

LFC2: When I found out that I had the ABSOLUTE last number, I had a very weird reaction. I didn’t really care because I set my priorities straight and didn’t give a crap. I think the crappy feelings that might have ensued were overloaded by my happiness at receiving a really good grade in my Arabic quiz earlier that day. I like to think that I have my head on right and worry about more important things….or probably because I have yet to discover how disastrous this might be. Eh, whatever. I might have a chance to room with some Barnard girls who haven’t gotten their lottery numbers (I am reallly, really, rreeeaallllyyyy hoping that works out!). If that didn’t work out, and I have to end up getting the last room, again, whatever, life goes on. I’m from New York, I love going home every weekend, and my parents sure as heck won’t mind giving me my room back!

Bwog: What were your previous plans for housing?

LFC1: I didn’t expect this shitty of a number so my future roommate and I were hoping to live at a Nussbaum or Broadway double. We were hoping for a really good number though so we could live in singles next year too. Oh well…

LFC2: I didn’t have too many expectations, the only thing I really desired was a private bathroom. I absolutely do not want to share a bathroom with a whole floor, I’ve seen the bathrooms in Furnald and John Jay. When bathroom-visiting is anonymous (I know this sounds weird), people don’t care about hygiene or flushing the toilet, but from my experiences in a Carman suite (which I will kinda hate to leave because I had such a nice clean–private!–bathroom), sharing a bathroom with 3 other girls means that we were going to make sure our stuff was clean and not disgusting. Maybe I was just lucky with my suitemates, I have heard some horror stories, but who knows. My momma raised me to keep excellent hygiene, I was match with other girls who shared that concern, and I would really hate to give that up.

Bwog: What are your plans moving forward?

LFC1: I’m probably going to be placed on the wait list so I’m actually pretty happy about the “bad” number. I mean I’m sure I don’t have to live in the Mcbain shaft and just by that alone, I’m happy.

LFC2: I would love for my plans with the Barnard girls to work out. Pray for me. No. Seriously. Hahaha, life goes on really, and like I said, my parents wouldn’t mind giving me my room back, and I love my old room, so if it reallyyyyy comes to commuting, I don’t have a problem with that, but honestly, I’m optimistic that things will work themselves out. Being mad and upset all day isn’t going to reverse time and get me a better number.

Bwog: Anything else you’d like us to know? Vent?

LFC2: I’ll forgive Housing if they give me the best number ever next academic year. Or I’ll just achieve the best revenge in the world, which in my opinion is to forget all about it and move on. Oh yeah, I am going to spurn the Housing God…or not…until then, I love you Housing God! Don’t smite me! Oh wait, you already did you son of a *****.

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  1. lol  

    if "life goes on" for LFC2, then why does she have to say SO FREAKING MUCH in response to the questions? if she's really so ready to 'move on', wouldn't she just be like "oh well. i got a bad number. whatever" instead of saying everything possible to assert that it's totally fine? and then she goes so far as to call her "moving on" a form of revenge--the very idea that you wish to have revenge shows you care!

    • lol  

      now since you obviously do care, quit the act, give up your "revenge plan" and take this advice:
      apply for summer transfer. the worse your lottery number is, the higher you are on the priority list for summer transfer into a new room. i got a terrible number one year, applied for summer transfer, and got transferred into a huuuuge single for the fall.

  2. Welp  

    I don't think this post or yesterday's are real.

  3. huh?  

    hey bwog did you actuallly interview the real people? I know the girl with the absolute lowest number and she doesn't talk like either or those ppl?
    why didn't you use names?

  4. surfin' UWS  

    It's difficult to have sympathy for these people since they in turn get the very best transfer options. I got a 2960something last year, applied for transfer and got an insanely large single with adjacent bathroom that I only share w/ one person in Nussbaum.

    Really it's the low-middlers who are truly fucked.

  5. Penis man  

    strikes again!

  6. The ABSOLUTE last number  

    is the ABSOLUTE best number.

  7. how  

    does transfer work?

  8. Fellow Arabic Victim  

    Getting a good grade on an Arabic quiz so trumps any disappointment over housing. mashallah!

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