Bwoglines: Tropical Rainstorm Edition

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Grab your umbrellas and put on your rain boots! It’s going to be a wet and windy day.

Before you watch The Social Network, take note of a little Columbia history. Remember CU Community? Started by SEAS alum Adam Goldberg, it was what Facebook was to Harvard — except ours was better and came first.

On the list of most expensive NY neighborhoods, UWS does not disappoint.

Tormented Rutgers student who committed suicide was found at the Columbia boathouse.

Comedian and Columbia alum Greg Giraldo passed away yesterday.

Update: PrezBo has just announced that Gregory Mosher, the founding director of the Arts Initiative, is stepping down to work in professional theater, but will maintain his role as a Professor of Professional Practice at the School of Arts.



  1. sad face  

    R.I.P. heavy duty umbrella, you were wind resistant for 2 whole years. Fuck you tropical rain storm.

    • Anonymous

      you'd be surprised by the number of free and still-functional umbrellas you can find in the trash cans. Seriously. I once got a giant columbia umbrella that they sell at the bookstore.

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