1. Smiles  

    Nights like this make me really love Columbia. Go Lions!

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    8/7 central

  3. Anonymous  

    It was so beautiful to see them light the trees up, excitement was surely in the air!

  4. Anonymous  

    It made me hard and I don't even have a penis!

  5. 4d5g7  

    Seeing the trees lit up makes the darkness when you walk out of class at 5 much more bearable and way less depressing :)

  6. The Night  

    is darkest just before the dawn...

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    fuzzing feelings?

  8. Anonymous

    I don't mean to put a damper on things but I just feel like nights like these are so whitewashed with political correctness that everything is just meh.

    • really?  

      Political correctness? Would you have preferred they hanged heathens from the trees? I just don' see what you're basing this on.

      • well  

        I certainly see his sentiment. I am sick of all this "holiday season" bullshit. it is clear that tree lighting is a distinctly Christmas tradition. I mean, isn't Columbia an Anglican school?

        • Anglican school?  

          Also, it IS a season of holidays. I mean, did you not notice the Chanukah celebration on the steps last night?

          • Everyone knows

            Chanukah was a nominal Jewish holiday until it was commercialized to match up with Christmas. And Kwanza is about as real as Festivus, probably less so.

            The comment about the PC-ness and secularization of the "holiday season" and this event was valid. Popular/pop songs and songs wishing for a world with "no religion too" have no place at a tree lighting just like billboards with a silhouette of a nativity scene saying "you know its a myth" don't need to be put up by the Lincoln tunnel last week. Just because most American's are/were Christian doesn't mean that we can be attacked or have our 2nd biggest holiday hijacked. If any other group had signs attacking them put up during their big holidays it would be a "hate crime" and a media frenzy would ensue.

            Please let us enjoy our Christmas and its traditions in peace.

          • Anonymous  

            Defensive much? Yes, Chanukah is highly commercialized because of its proximity to Christmas (originally, the big celebratory holiday with presents was Purim). But isn't it a little excessive to claim that other people are HIJACKING your second biggest holiday? What about the Jews biggest holiday? Doesn't stop college athletics from happening. Doesn't stop schools or businesses or anything else from going about their every day business. I'm pretty sure that if anyone has hijacked your holiday, it's stores that turn it into a big commercial event instead of leaving it as a purely religious thing.
            Also, I personally see nothing particularly Christian about lighting up the trees on college walk. If they were evergreens and decorated like Christmas trees (ala Rockefeller Center) then yes, I could see it. Just let everyone enjoy the beauty that is a lit up College Walk.

        • ...

          Of course Columbia is an Anglican school. Everyone knows that that there is a sign that reads "Jews, Catholics need not apply" in many if not most academic departments, and that there is a strong anti-Catholic inclination in the syllabus of Literature Humanities. Rumours of course abound of a Hebrew lurking in the ranks of the administration, but these thankfully cannot be confirmed at this time.

          • ...

            Also, everyone knows that certain faculty, whose names shall heretofore be unmentioned, still have a tendency to engage in vicious rants against the "antinomianists" when properly provoked-- and not altogether without merit if you ask me. Rumour has it they still resent last year's victory over the redcoats, but they of course will not admit it.

    • yeah,  

      except tree lighting is a yule celebration, meaning the festivities were technically pagan. any PC attempts were wrongly inferred.

  9. Anonymous

    it amazes me the things some people kvetch about

  10. Hater  

    Some people have class at 6pm in Hamilton. The event which had so much noise pollution should have been scheduled after classes were over.


    Waited an hour to get a freakin scarf. We were promised "500 free scarves" and about 25 were thrown by someone with a really weak arm.

    This was a fail event.

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