1. BURN!  

    Spec scooped Bowg this time

  2. Anonymous  

    Damn, heroin is expensive

  3. Anonymous

    And she was a staff writer for their newspaper! Awkward....

  4. ughh...speaking of which...


  5. Talk about some...  

    ...IVY SLEAZE!!!

  6. is she hot

    she's probably hotter than the average columbia girl. picture please?

  7. Anonymous  

    Did her arrest get a cute media buzzword-friendly nickname like the ones here did?


    ya know, since it's cornell and all.

    .......too soon?

  9. LBB12  

    "I knew it was a crime; I did it anyway." -- Johnny Depp/Hunter in Fear and Loathing
    From her facebook paige. She also smoked parliments, pretty low class for someone hauling 150K of heroine

  10. ...  

    she's 26...? so Cornell = GS?

    • former Cornell Undergrad/Columbia Grad

      No, Cornell doesn't have a "GS" type school but a bunch of older people, but occasionally accepts people around 22-26 yro, and, unlike Columbia, never near or over 30 years of age.

      Also, I was in Cornell's Arts & Sciences and there were no older people. When I was there for 4 years, neither Cornell's A&S or Engineering schools accepted old people. It was the other departments that FUCKS UP OUR RANKING AND MEDIAN SAT SCORES like Cornell Agriculture School which accepts a load of old people and it's really fucking annoying. I wish they didn't count them in our rankings.

      - Columbia Law guy.

      • Please go away.  

        Thanks for your insight into Cornell. However, nobody here actually cares about Cornell, so in the future please keep these comments to yourself.

      • So I'm taking it that...

        some older guy fucked your girlfriend while you were with the rest of the hacks at Cornhole? Jesus Christ, you sound like a CC froshie.

      • ...  

        hahahahahaha. you're in grad school and you still care about median sat scores. has it occurred to you how pathetic that is?

        and uh, if you find people in their mid to late 20s "old" when you're riding on into your mid 20s yourself, you should probably be registered with the state and prevented from loitering within 2000ft of gradeschools.

  11. Sad to say...

    Cornell's drug dealers aren't anywhere NEARLY as attractive as Columbia's. Safety school.

  12. another former Cornell undergrad

    um, when I was at Cornell everyone in my sorority did heroin, coke, weed, LSD, acid, you name it. Same with the frats. Why is this surprising? I'm sure at one point time or another some of those 5 columbia guys arrested had just as much worth of drugs stashed in their room.

    - Girl who did heroin and everything else at Cornell and was accepted into Columbia's College of Physicians and Surgeons.


  13. another former Cornell undergrad

    and surprisingly enough, I found a ton of my friends and alumni, both undergrad and grad, also at Columbia! hehe :) and most of them, from my knowledge, all have done heroin.

    Cornell and, maybe we should do like a drug trade? or how about a sleep over? your drug dealers and our dealers? would be cute :)

    • poser

      dude track this douchebag.

      you said in two of your comments that you're in CU law 2013 and the other two you're in yale law 2013 and rejected columbia's offer. i hope for the sake of your make believe future clients that you're not a liar, you can't even keep your own story straight. how did you get into any ivy at all?

      get out of here cornell lover. no one wants you.

  14. you all suck

    i'm fucking with you all. i actually go to yale but a bunch of my friends posted this stuff on Facebook just now.

    columbia and cornell, both of you can SUCK IT. Do heroin like the real boys. Only rookies get caught :)

  15. Yale '10, Harvard Law '13

    LOL You're all bitches in my book. hahahaha

    learn to push merchandise like the real boys...and NOT get caught like a little douche.

    - Former Cornell Undergrad.
    - Yale Transfer, Class of '10.
    - Rejected Columbia Law's Offer, '13.
    - Harvard Law, Class of '13

  16. Anonymous

    she was a cornell daily sun EDITOR and she was 26 still in undergrad

  17. Cost Benefit Analysis  

    So "Operation Ivy" was a 5 month operation that returned $11,000 worth of drugs, whereas "Operation CUNY Ithaca" yielded $150,000 after just one phone call of suspicious behavior. NY cops better step their game up

  18. Daniel Sheryl

    okay I'm not daniel sheryl but would the real daniel sheryl please stop posting this shit on my facebok newsfeed over and over and encouraging all your columbia grad and cornell undergrad friends to post it too? i mean, shit man. nobody on facebook gives a rat's ass. that kind of heroin's pretty common.

    get off my newsfeed.

    - Former Cornell Undergrad, who, before transferring, once saw $210,000 worth of heroin and coke in my fraternity basement.

    - Yale Transfer, Class of 2010.
    - Columbia Summer School, 2009
    - Harvard Law, 2013.

  19. ...

    we have a track button. If you are going to pretend to be several different people at least post from different computers. you are also a huge tool.

    • annoying, i know.

      yes i am well aware. i am just as annoying as my columbia friends from HS who would nonstop post the "Operation Ivy League" articles or whatever the hell that was called and a few annoying cornell guys on FB who are posting this shit over and over, including this Bwog post. Now why would cornell guys be reading bwog i have no fucking clue.

      but it's annoying. stop posting this on fb. this shit goes on all the time at state schools. seriously, you all make the rest of us look like geeks who think we're so cool now after in 100 years someone finally gets arrested for something like this.

      i will stop posting now. beer anyone?

  20. how many of these ladies

    would you anally plow like a farmer's daughter?

  21. Anonymous  

    Why are all these Yale/Harvard/Cornell people posting/reading Bwog?

  22. haha idiots

    Yale > Columbia + Cornell.

    Yale Daily News > New York Times + Washington Post + Bwog + C olumbia Spectrum + Cornell Daily

    • Alum

      It's hard to believe even someone who went to Yale and then Harvard Law would choose to be this obnoxious. I say you're bullshitting us.

      • hahaha

        just because i'm intelligent, do well on exams, and have a small bit of luck doesn't mean i'm fully mature yet. i just graduated college. seriously man, some of my friends at Yale are still partying it up when they should have graduated already.

  23. Bored Yalie

    haha ok I'm done.

    peace out guys. Hope to see some of you undergrads at Harvard Law :)

    -Former Cornell Undergrad (2006)
    - Yale Transfer (Class of 2010)
    - Columbia Summer School (Summer of 2009)
    - Harvard Law School (Class of 2013)

  24. Wait

    I just looked at her fb page. That is possibly the scariest human being (using that term loosely) that I've ever seen.

  25. GTFO of Bwog please

    -Andover Class of 2005
    -Exeter Class of 2006
    -Deerfield Class of 2008
    -Harvard Class of 2009
    -Yale Class of 2010
    -Cock-in-Ass Society 2010
    -SUNY Ithaca Law Class of 2010
    -Columbia P. & S. Class of 2011
    -NY D-14, 110th Congress

  26. I'm a creeper

    You know how you heard about some of the C5 and looked at their profiles and thought 'wow, you wouldnt be able to tell he was dealing drugs'? Kind of complete 180 from that looking at her profile.

    it's not just her picture.
    one of her favorite quotations "I knew it was a crime; I did it anyway." -- Johnny Depp/Hunter in Fear and Loathing

    I'm done creepin.

  27. Anonymous

    Only Cornell student I ever ran into was this summer, and he was the pool/towel boy at the country club I chill at during summer, no joke. It was pretty awesome laying poolside next to some babes, getting a tan, coming of the course or courts and making some Cornell fool get me and my friends bottle waters and fresh towels

  28. senior here

    There is nothing quite so lame and forgettable as a bunch of ivy-league college persons selling a small amount of drugs, getting caught, making a trip "downtown" and then thinking they have street cred.

    Go back to your sailboats, guys.

  29. Anonymous  

    WOW. That is enough heroin for the entire city of Ithaca to get high 6 times.

  30. Hotel Management '13  

    Oh no! What if they trace me to her? Daddy won't let me run the Holiday Inn!!! :(

  31. Hotel Administration '13

    Oh no! What if they connect me to her? Daddy won't let me run the Holiday Inn!

  32. person

    I'm only a social heroin user. Like, if I'm at a party and everyone else isdoing heroin I might shoot up a bit. I carry my oen syringe just in case. But no, no, I'm not an addict.

  33. Seriously????  

    This is ridiculous. You all need to get a life.
    Why are you pretending like you're so great for going to ivy league schools. who cares? They are not so great. We all know--since we go here--that it can be pretty miserable.
    Plus can you imagine going to such a school in the freezing middle of nowhere?
    There's really no point in comparing.

    ... and no one fucking cares if you use heroin or not.

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