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What was that assignment again?

No, it’s not just Butler Wi-Fi… Courseworks is down! According to CUIT, they’re doing “emergency work,” but everything will be back to normal at 11pm. So hurry, that’s about 22.5 more music videos you can watch guilt-free!

Update, 12:36 AM: Relax and go back to work!  Courseworks is back up.

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  1. Anonymous  

    butler wifi does suck major d

  2. pornstar

    thats coz i hacked it

  3. pornstar

    with my 10-incher

  4. SILLY  

    They couldn't have done this before the semester started?

  5. Anonymous  

    its like wiki leaks!!

  6. Anonymous  

    URGGGGHHHH legit excuse not to have homework done in time?


    It's past 11 and it's still not up!!!!

    Unrelated--Bwog, did you recently change the comment box font?

  8. Anonymous

    relax guys, it's back in action now

  9. Anonymous  

    URGH! Still not working.

  10. Epictetus  

    This is just another opportunity to practice self-discipline. This Courseworks is fleeting and external, like the grief of another man.

    As a slave, I know these things.

  11. At 11:11  

    I was going to wish for Courseworks to start working again... but next thing I knew, it was 11:12. Darn.

  12. Senior thank god  

    It is all an indication that students come last here - dining services, cuit, nasty staff, inconvenient library hours, Lerner filth. I am so over this place! Oh and did I mention flex that never seems to work?

  13. Anonymous  

    It's like a snow day, but on the internet.

  14. Oh God.  


  15. Oh God.  


  16. OMG  

    PORN is down too! WtF?

  17. bc'11  

    it now says 1am

    grr i have to go to sleep early cuz i have an interview.

  18. I think  

    it's working again.

  19. Anonymous  

    maybe this is Harvard's way of eliminating the competition

  20. Hooray!

    MAD props to the CUIT Unix group for working until after midnight to fix courseworks!

  21. person

    You mean trying to figure out bugs in a legacy application that was written long before any of them got here and probably a horrible abomination of spaghetti code? With something like six hours of downtime overall? That's the work of a fucking swat team.

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